Interview Gets Awkward When Chris Webber Asks Couple 'When Is the Wedding?'

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterDecember 11, 2013

Remember that time your fear of commitment was confronted on national television?

Hopefully, you’ll never experience that gut-dropping experience, at least not to the extent that a couple of young lovebirds did Tuesday night on NBA TV.

After being chosen as “Fans of the Week,” Indiana Pacers fans Georgia Arnett and Jake Morgan sat down for an interview on The Pregame Show

Things were going smoothly until host Chris Webber decided to end the chat with the ultimate awkward question for a young couple: “When’s the wedding?”

What followed was one of the most hilariously uncomfortable moments ever seen on an NBA-related program. The couple had no idea how to respond, and their uncomfortable reaction was spotted by Nate Scott of For The Win.

Cork Gaines of crafted a wonderful GIF of the couple’s reaction—a GIF which manages to ratchet the discomfort up to a whole new level of hilarious.

GIF via Cork Gaines

This is the look of two people who want to scream “Nooo” but cannot.

Screenshot via YouTube

Webber’s question was met with utter silence. Georgia closed her eyes and answered, “Oh God,” while Jake uttered an involuntary “Oh.”

Yup, they were not expecting the question on a basketball show. 

Nothing is off limits when Webber is on the air, however, and the former ballplayer reveled in the moment. He jumped up and down in his chair, slamming it about in joy at the awkwardness he had caused. If you listen closely, you can hear people off camera at the NBA TV studio dying with laughter.

Mercifully, Ernie Johnson tried to help the kids out with a summary line.

“I knew this went one question too long,” Johnson said.

Indeed it did, Ernie. And for that much we are all grateful.


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