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New Charlotte Hornets Logos Are Coming Soon

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New Charlotte Hornets Logos Are Coming Soon
Rocky Widner/Getty Images

Merry (early) Christmas, Charlotte. 

No longer will you have to fantasize about what your basketball team will look like after reverting back to the old Charlotte Hornets name. No longer will you need to dream about the death of the Bobcats' name, logo and color scheme. No longer will you be required to reminisce about the old-school teal jerseys. 

On Dec. 21, all of your hopes and dreams will become realities, with the slight exception of the current 'Cats squad suddenly morphing into true title contenders. 

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

According to an official release from, the team will be unveiling the logo set to be used for the 2014-15 season at halftime of the squad's upcoming game against the Utah Jazz.

In addition, the Bobcats will be handing out long-sleeve T-shirts and three bobbleheads (Dell Curry, Muggsy Bogues and Kelly Tripucka) on special dates—called "Buzz Days"throughout the rest of the season. 

Pro Basketball Talk's Brett Pollakoff kills the mood a little bit with this next statement, but it's still a necessary one: "The fact that these are the players the organization is able to highlight shows just how much work needs to be done to change the perception of the franchise."

Maybe so, but these Buzz Days are still intended to celebrate the past and get everyone hyped up for the future. That shouldn't be so hard, so long as the organization gets images like this one dancing through everyone's heads:

Dick Raphael/Getty Images

"Our fans were the driving force to bring back the Hornets name, and we wanted to share this announcement with them," Bobcats Sports & Entertainment President and COO Fred Whitfield told

But even with the name settled, the question still remains: Is teal still en vogue? 

Don't lean toward a negative answer, even if the T-shirts previewed on the official release have a color scheme featuring black, white and purple. It looks great, but teal is sadly missing.

That won't be the case with the official logo. 

Here's what Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer reported on the topic:

The team previously revealed, in an interview with the Observer, that it will adopt the Hornets’ traditional teal-and-purple as primary colors next season. Uniforms will be the next step, sometime over the next few months.

Do you want the teal back?

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For anyone who watched basketball in the late '90s, it's hard to push the teal from your mind. That bright color went hand-in-hand with the Hornets and has become a rather nostalgic color in recent years. Purple and teal is a tough scheme to improve upon, and Charlotte is correct not to touch that with a 10-foot pole. 

Thanks to a suffocating defense, the current Bobcats are already providing fans with some serious excitement and hope for the future. 

On Dec. 21, that level of excitement can be turned up a few more notches. Get your teal on, Charlotte, and thank your lucky stars that the short shorts aren't returning, too. 

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