I'd Love to Ask...Matt Forte

Jeff CurtsContributor IMay 29, 2009

Fresh off a impressive rookie season where he accounted for 37 percent of the Bears total offense, here are a few questions that begged to be asked of the second-year RB from Tulane:

1. You were unheralded as a rookie.  How do you plan to improve, and what can you do better in '09?

2. Do you believe in the sophomore slump?

3. I understand you attended classes this off-season.  Talk about it and discuss your other off-season activities?

4. Discuss the changes in personnel during the off-season.  How does that affect you specifically, and the team in genera?

5. The Bears were stuffed several times in short yardage situations last year.  In your opinion, what happened, and how will things improve this season?

6. How have you adjusted to Chicago and the winters?

7. What are your personal and team goals this year?