ECW, Where The Young Lions Reside

Chris JeterContributor IMay 29, 2009

Some people may look at ECW and think of it as the throwaway show in the company. But in actuality, the future superstars of the company reside in the Land of Extreme. And these young guys driving ECW to be the number 2 show in terms of quality behind SmackDown in the WWE. The Tuesday night show offers a good mix of good young talent with strong veteran talent that can help mold these youngsters into to the future faces of tomorrow.

With a roster that includes Evan Borne, Tyson Kidd, D.H. Smith, and Jack Swagger, it's hard to argue with the fact that this show is where WWE's future is being raised up. On top of that, these youngster have guys like Paul Burchill (who the company should push), Finlay, and Christian (the ECW Champion) all of whom are great workers in the ring. I would say that all of the young lions are going to be well taken care of with veterans like those individuals leading the way. I believe that that all of the young guys that I mentioned along with Christian have the capabilities to be either top faces of top heels in this company. These kids make me look forward to watching ECW each and every Tuesday Night on SciFi. 

Hey I was a fan of the original ECW. I liked it not just because of the hardcore nature of the product, but also the great lucha libre action and superb technical wrestling(Chris Jericho, Chris "he that should not be named" Benoit, Eddie Guerrero,Taz, and Dean Malenko once called ECW home before jumping ship to WCW). Obviously, this ECW will never be anything like the Original, but if you think about it what is. Everyone knows that the sequel is never better than the first incarnation. However, that doen't mean that ECW isn't a good show. It' just a different look.

So the next time you are surfing the channel and you see ECW, don't keep flipping. Give the young guys a look. You'll see them either way. You can either watch these young guys now, or watch them when they're main eventing Pay-Per-Views. Your choice.