Influx of San Francisco 49ers Writing Leads to Indecision, Angst

DannyBoy SportsTalkCorrespondent IMay 29, 2009

With so many articles to choose from, where does a reader begin? Why choose Eric’s article on why Jimmy Raye will succeed versus John’s offering on the same topic?


This day and age, the internet has increased output a hundred fold, but has left the door wide open to everyone’s opinion to be included in the discussion.


This isn’t a bad thing. But rather, it leaves readers with indecision and, how does the cream rise to the top?


Does this author think he is the cream? In the vanity of my own mind, I’d love to think so.


Reality? Probably not.


But why should you, the reader take the time to pick my submissions versus all the other talented writers out there? I really don’t know.


I have the same information they do, the same opportunity to post on Bleacher Report as they do.


The difference comes down to one thing: Who is willing to make it happen? Who is willing to do the dirty work to bring about a good article? Who is willing, period?


I love the 49ers, and I love football. I honestly would love to cover the 49ers, and would consider it an honor to cover any team available.


Am I newsman? Or a correspondent? Untouchable or interactive? Fake? Or real?


That is what sets apart the writer. Can you hear his voice in his contributions?


Or does the monotony of the words pour out like a regurgitated meal?


I think Jimmy Raye has his hands full.


I trust Mike Singletary is going to be a great coach.


I believe Michael Crabtree will have 1,000 yards receiving, Frank Gore will have 1,000 yards rushing and Shaun Hill will maintain his position as starting quarterback.


I deem the Niners will go 10-6 this year and make the playoffs.


But what is my opinion?


I’m just another writer, amongst the hundreds, amongst the thousands.


Who will YOU choose?


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