Ultramarathoners Ran 31 Miles Because Rocky Balboa Did It Once in a Montage

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We wouldn't recommend re-creating anything from the long list of Rocky movies, because you might just get stuck running 31 miles thanks to just one of many montages. 

The Wall Street Journal's Peter Loftus (h/t SportsGrid) reports on a story that will have you pondering whether it's better to re-create a mammoth run shown in Rocky II or just take a punch from Dolph Lundgren's character in Rocky IV, Ivan Drago

I'll take one punch in the face, please. 

According to the report, and the video posted above, a group of ultramarathoners—people not satisfied with the usual grueling task of regular marathons—set out to retrace Rocky Balboa's assumed path in a montage seen in the sequel to his Oscar-winning Rocky

SportsGrid's Jake O'Donnell tracked down the montage in question, so you can take a gander below.  

The idea seems to have originated by PhillyMag's Dan Quade, who mapped out what was an eventual 31-mile, or about 50 kilometer, trek by the fictional boxer. 

Quade takes the montage apart bit by bit and dissects how far each portion would have to be. 

Taking that to the next absurd level, a group of extreme runners decided to embark on a lengthy jaunt around the city. Loftus spoke with Rebecca Schaefer, a veteran of a 100-mile race, who stated, "If you actually look at where he runs, he's all over the city. That's a lot for someone to undertake without serious training."

But of course, the 150 reported runners who laced up for this movie marathon have experience tackling tremendous tracks. To that end, some of the faster runners in the group finished the run in under five hours, which is only how long some Rocky montages feel

Now we know the Rocky character, a boxer who has a Brett Favre-ian ability to come back to the sport again and again, is rather adept at running long distances, so much so that he was hardly tired at the end of the Rocky II run. 

If you are so inclined for like adventures, Fathom.info broke down every last montage in the Rocky series, an undertaking that had to feel like an ultramarathon

This is our reminder not to take anything we see in movies literally, or we might find ourselves running all over Philadelphia.

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