Sports Stars Flipping out and Athletes Fighting Abound in Latest Mashup Videos

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 9, 2013

Photo Credit: YouTube

This is what a bad day at the office looks like in the sports world. 

SportsGrid's Eric Goldschein spotted a video that will have you weary of asking athletes questions, because, from the looks of it, a few of them lose their minds rather quickly. 

The video below is a mash-up of some of the greatest blow-ups in sports. Of course, some of the priceless snippets come complete with censored bleeps, but others do not. Consider that your obligatory NSFW warning that we are about to hear some naughty words: 

The video was produced and uploaded to YouTube by talkSPORTmagazine, giving the world over six minutes of confined bedlam. 

Really, there are hardly more beautiful images than a coach going to town on the bench with a hockey stick. But the video surely trumps that occasion brilliantly with a call back to a far less cuddly Mike Tyson and the iconic Jim "Chris" Everett moment with Jim Rome. 

If you can think of a classic moment when a sports star or coach completely flipped out, chances are it's included in this video. 

Look, nobody likes to have a bad day. On those rare occasions when the glass is half empty and the world seems gloomier than usual, nothing goes right. 

As it turns out, it's rather hilarious to watch other people's bad day though. In fact, I only wish I had some popcorn to watch this all again properly. 

Thankfully, the good people over at talkSPORT supplied something of a prequel to this particular madness. Earlier this month they posted the following video aptly titled, "World's Best Sports Fights."

Now we don't know if we would call it the best, but we rather enjoy the sight of mascots going toe to toe with one another. 

That door never stood a chance against Rampage Jackson. 

While we are on the subject of things that are obvious, we have to note hockey and rugby players have the whole fighting thing down to a science. Perhaps they can give their soccer and baseball pals a lesson on how to actually connect with some shots. 

With that, we look forward to more videos, because the work isn't done if you don't include Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura somewhere. 


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