Top Five New York Giants' Plays

Jonathan YaghoubiContributor IMay 29, 2009

1. Shotgun Draw

This was probably the most effective play for the Giants as it made Derrick Ward a ton of money. It pretty much helped him gain a 1,025 yards while averaging 5.6 yards a carry. When it was a third and about four or five yards to gain, this play was money. It was not until week sixteen in a game against the Carolina Panthers for home field advantage that showed how much this play helped them

Ward ran for eightynine yards on four carries coming out of this formation. It was his big fourteen yard run on third and seven that helped the Giants move closer to the win, as they would have to kicked a fifty yard field goal which by no means is not a gimme. Instead it led to the Brandon Jacobs game winning two yard run.

The loss of Ward will hurt this play a little bit because he had such quick first turn and had the size to go between the tackles. Ward's replacement, Ahmad Bradshaw is a very suitable backup because of his blazing speed but his small frame may prevent him from excelling at it.

2. I Formation Sweep

This was one of the more successful regular running formations that the Giants had. It helps to have the best offensive line in football because the teams with the weaker lines have this play no where in their playbook. The crisp and precise blocking, along with Jacobs' willingness to run right through the defense. Not only is his blocking ability evident but he gains an extra few yards with men on him and continues to move forward. There are next to no running backs that can run as effective on this scheme as much as Jacobs does.

3. Goal Line- Play Action

This is a goal line play worked many times before and  led to some Big Giants wins. One of the big plays came in the 21-14 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in week eight. Derrrick Ward had just gained a seven yard run to the two that made the play action work.

The Giants' ability to have one of the best running games along with the offensive line make it even more affective. More than any other team in the league, the Giants’ coaching staff excels at varying the direction and type of running plays it calls which gives a play action that much more deadly.

The Giants also scored a touchdown on this play in both games against the Eagles by using Kevin Boss and scored against the Ravens by using Darcy Johnson.

4. Shot Gun- Three Wide

The offense can also confuse defenses with its three-wide, shotgun alignment. In the very first drive against the Panthers in week sixteen, Manning escaped a sack and connected with Domenic Hixon on a forty yard deep route. However, on four separate occasions against Carolina, Ward completed substantial gains from the same formation. In overtime, he set up the winning touchdown with a fifty one yard run. The Giants shot gun continues to be one of its most successful formations for them.

5. Forget It, Any I formation Run

The Giants can run both I formations with Jacobs' positioned to the side of the tight end and with Jacobs positioned away from the tight end depending on which one they do. A Big I, with two tight ends, and a Power I, with three backs in the backfield.

The Giants are the team in the league to use the set as their number one formation and make it just as effective as the shotgun. One reason the team depends heavily on the run, he said, is because of its quick, and dominant offensive line. The skill of the guards to quickly emerge off the line and block downfield allows the Giants to use the run as a foundation for nearly every play in its playbook.