Report: WWE Midcarders Worried About Upcoming Network?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 9, 2013

Are WWE's midcarders worried?
Are WWE's midcarders worried?from

As discussed previously, it looks like the WWE Network is finally happening.

But, per a recent report, many midcarders in the company may be less than thrilled with the news, with many worrying about their potential future PPV payouts.

As PWInside Elite, via WrestlingInc, notes, concerns are growing over the company's rumored plans to shift many of their PPVs to the network:

There is said to be major concern among some of WWE's midcarders in regards to how the WWE Network will affect their status with the company and their pay. It's a long shot but if WWE ends up putting all of their pay-per-views on the Network, or even the bigger events, then a lot of talents could potentially lose out on their pay-per-view bonuses.

This is an interesting issue.

While it is natural for mid and lower talent to be unsettled about just what a new pay-per-view format will mean for them and their salaries,  I have long argued that the WWE Network can actually be a huge positive for the non-main eventers on the roster.


Shows like Main Event, airing on the network?
Shows like Main Event, airing on the network?from

Well, we have to remember that WWE is going to have a massive 24/7 schedule to fill after the channel launches.

And while much of the network's programming will probably consist of old footage and endless repeats of The Chaperone, the company will no doubt feel the need to include fresh, first-run programming too.

This is where throwaway "B" shows like Main Event, Superstars and NXT come in useful. Fun YouTube-shows like WWE Inbox, Behind the Match and Outside the Ring may also get airtime on the channel.

This alone guarantees the jobs of numerous lower and midcarders, who frequently feature on these shows.

In this respect, the network can be a boon for many stars since it guarantees some level of job security.