Southern Miss Coach Todd Monken Buys Graduating Seniors Suits

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistDecember 9, 2013


Southern Miss football coach Todd Monken just won serious recruiting points with his classy gesture for his graduating seniors.

According to Chris Vannini of, Monken bought all of his graduating seniors a suit. The report then shared what Southern Miss professor Bret Becton wrote about Monken on Facebook:

We all would have liked to have seen more wins and better stats, but you have to agree that Coach Monken is a man of character who is concerned about the young men he coaches. He bought every graduating senior player a suit so they would be prepared for job interviews. Brighter days ahead.

The players received the suits at the team's banquet after the season was over.

Football is usually all about winning. The Golden Eagles went 1-11 this season in their first season under Monken, but that didn't stop the coach from rewarding his players. His gesture will help the players in life after football.

It was a great move, especially considering these aren't his recruits. Monken earned a lot of respect by buying the suits for his seniors, which will certainly help him as he recruits high school players in the future.