Reporter Drops Expletive During Eagles Postgame Presser with Chip Kelly

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterDecember 9, 2013

Dec 8, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly watches as the snow falls during the first quarter against the Detroit Lions at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

To call the first half of the Eagles-Lions game Sunday “crappy” would be an understatement.

Snow was falling by the inch, neither team could find their footing and the second quarter ended with Detroit boasting an ugly 8-0 lead. 

Chip Kelly’s offense floundered in the elements during the early going, but a healthy dose of downhill running in the second half turned the tide and lifted the Eagles to a 34-20 win over the Lions. 

Philadelphia’s shift from a wide-open offense to smashmouth football was drastic and impressive—enough so to lead one reporter to ask Kelly a strongly worded question during the postgame presser.

The bold inquisition was spotted by Joe Kinsey of Busted Coverage and revolved around whether or not Kelly purposefully called "(bleep) plays" in the first half in the hopes of misleading the Lions. 

Warning: Vine contains NSFW language.

The Eagles head coach admonished the reporter for his poor choice of words.

“That’s a really bad word,” Kelly said. “You shouldn’t use that.”

Oh really, Chip? People shouldn’t say that word?

I could’ve sworn a certain NFL head coach dropped the S-bomb three times during a media presser last week.

Indeed, the reporter’s poorly worded question appears to have been in reference to a press conference Kelly gave Dec. 5.

According to Seth Prince of, the Eagles coach had been asked whether he sometimes tried to mislead opposing defenses by making questionable play calls at the beginning of a game.

Kelly told reporters that he wasn’t smart enough to fool opponents with “[bleep] calls” but joked that they could write up any poor decisions he made as trickery. 

Judging by his response to the reporter’s question Sunday, someone likely had a stern conversation with Kelly concerning his use of the S-bomb.

As for the reporter, perhaps he should leave the bad-boy language at the door. He was trying to joke with Kelly, but if coaches cannot swear without repercussion—there’s no way journalists can get away with it.


It was a beautiful, bleepy day for football.