Eli Manning Mock Interview Questions

Jonathan YaghoubiContributor IMay 29, 2009

A set of questions I would ask Eli Manning if I had the chance to interview

1. How did the loss of Plaxico Burress effect as a quarterback last season?

2. Do you think the team addressed the need of wide receiver by drafting Hakim Nicks?

3. How difficult do you find it throw at Giants stadium in December and January?

4. How much is expected from Ahmad Bradshaw now the departure of Derrick Ward?

5. Is there a need for an experienced Wide Receiver considering how young that core is?

6. How big is the return of Osi Umenyiora to the team?

7. Now that Ben Roethlisberger has won a second title, do you feel you have to match him since you guys were in the same draft class?

8. Do you ever compare Superbowl rings with you brother?

9. How does it feel to be married?

10. Do you feel Mike Vick deserves to come back in the NFL this season?