B/R Turns Into WWE Smackdown: Thrive To Survive!

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B/R Turns Into WWE Smackdown: Thrive To Survive!

(Out of character announcement) What's up guys? This week was hellacious for me as I have been on emails all week over so many things regarding Smackdown! I would like to make a few announcements.

First of all, I would like to let more people write their own promos, so I would ask you to leave a comment or an email to me saying that you want to, but each week I would have to tell you what you have to write about.

Also, I was thinking of this idea that maybe we could have an info-site about the series just to make things easy for everybody. We would still have the shows on B/R, but maybe profiles, title histories, and past pay per views could all be there. Do not get into that idea that much as I am yet to discuss it with everybody else. Of course it would be private to the B/R Superstars as well.

Lastly, we are adding a new show to the series every Sunday which will be referred to as Sunday Night Heat, with Jay Rob The Riz writing it. This would be a show reviewing the events in the past week on ECW, Raw, and Smackdown. Hope you look forward to a more "critical" view of the show. Also, for theme music, if you would not mind writing that on the comment board again, I would like to put themes in full effect starting next week.

Final announcement, I am desperately trying to keep all my Smackdown stars happy with their situation on the show, but I must tell you a few things. First of all, if I promise one of you a match, team, or storyline of some sort, I always will give that to you, but you must bear with me. When I am in the middle of a storyline, I cannot just take you out for the sake of it as that destroys a lot of the product hearing that one person is not happy. I do guarantee to give you things I have promised, but give it time.

Sorry for the long announcement, but I needed to get these points accross. Enjoy the show! There are few matches, but I believe they were all solid in general.


(Caine) Ladies and gentlemen, we are live in Cincinnati, Ohio as we will be seeing history in the making tonight as Strictly Business face Downfall in a series of matches tonight.

(Xavier) I cannot wait for that, but there are many questions regarding AkD. Who will he be defending the belt against at Extreme Rules? Also, what is Red Death's deal with Josh Swell anyways? We hope to have our questions answered tonight.

Robbin' Hoodz by MOP hits as Ron Johnson walks to the ring with a microphone. Big ovation for him. Ron is now in the ring and looks content.

(Ron) WWE fans...(hesitating for a moment). I feel that I have earned a shot at the WWE Championship and AkD, I'm calling you out for a match at Extreme Rules!

Fans cheering the babyface Ron in the ring as AkD (also face) has not shown up yet.

(Ron) AkD, are you really going to play this game? Unlike most superstars who use threats to obtain what they want, I play it old school. So if you choose not to come out, I will be forced to take you...

Before he finishes his sentence, AkD's song hits as he walks to the ring to a huge ovation. He looks very unstable actually. He is now in the ring as the fans are going crazy.

(AkD) Look Johnson, I have to tell you something that is very important. You have not been proven worthy to face me for the championship. Sure you took out M at Judgment Day, but in all honesty, you have been beating on jobbers for the past few weeks. Therefore, I find that you need to earn your  spot into a match with me.

(Ron) What are you smoking? I've been at the bottom of the heap since I have been drafted to Smackdown. I am more than capable to strip you of your WWE Championship at Extreme Rules. I deserve to be the number one contender! And I demand it.

Out of nowhere, Kevin Canny's music hits as he walks down with the new Owen Hart tribute jersey. Fans are on their feet as he walks down to the ring with a mic.

(Canny) Johnson, just keep running your mouth. Obviously you are too immature to realize the fact that you need to earn things in life. With that, I believe that one good matchup does not entitle you to a WWE Championship matchup at Extreme Rules.

(Johnson) Running my mouth? Earning things? Are you seriously implying that I should not be a champion? Have you done anything besides getting your ass handed to you by Dub Sizzle?

Canny just got pissed as he is staring at Johnson with a lot of anger. He looks to throw a punch but New Tattoo by Saving Abel hits as GM DJ Rallo walks to the beginning of the ramp. He is holding a microphone.

(Rallo) You want to act like kids over who gets a shot? Let me give you two a deal. I will place you both in my five man battle royal that is set to take place as the main event tonight. It will feature Johnson, Canny, Sterling Eby, Jay Rob, and someone that Ron Johnson is very "fond" of, (small laughter). But the winner of the battle royal will also choose the stipulation of the match at Extreme Rules. Also AkD, you will be asked to be at ringside for some commentary tonight.

All three men look pissed in the ring, but AkD seems better than the others in the ring.

(Caine) Can you believe this!? General Manager Rallo has made a stellar main event tonight.

(Xavier) Folks, we have now confirmed that this will be no average battle royal, it will be an elimination battle royal where you have to eliminate all your opponents by pinning them or making them submit! Can't wait.

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the tag team of Jared Farver and Demetrus Stokes!

They come out to a big pop

(RA) And their opponents, Daris Brown and Blue Chip, known as Reborn Unification!

Reborn Unification comes out to a load of heat as they are bragging to the fans that they will be facing the Unified Tag Team Champions at Extreme Rules.

Bell rings and we are under way.

We start with Jared and Daris in the ring. Farver looks at Daris with determination, but Brown quickly tags in Blue Chip. Chip looks enthusiastic though and goes for a spear right on to Farver. As Chip comes up, Farver tosses him into the ropes and Chip flies out of the ring, while Daris slaps himself in the face.

Chip is on the outside, and is taking a walk around the ring, until Demetrus Stokes gets off the apron and goes towards Chip, they are now back in forth outside the ring, while Farver watches. Sick of waiting, Farver jumps from the top turnbuckle on to both Stokes and Chip. All three men are down as Daris walks outside the ring and tosses Farver into the ring and he also rolls Chip in as well.

He picks up Chip and tells him to tag Daris when he goes back on the apron, he eventually makes the tag and Chip starts a fight with Stokes on the outside. Daris picks up Farver and goes for the irish wip into the turnbuckle, Farver reverses and tosses Brown face first into the turnbuckle. He then turns him around and goes for the ten punches to Daris, but after five, he picks up Farver and powerbombs him to the mat.

Meanwhile on the outside, Stokes has tossed Chip into the barricade and hits Chip with his fist and then starts kicking Chip, Chip is down as Stokes goes back to the apron. Daris is dominating Farver on the inside and locks Farver in a cobra clutch, but Farver breaks free and crawls toward Stokes for a tag, but Brown drags Farver back into the middle of the ring and holds Farver in an ankle lock.

Farver is really in pain, but he reverses and kicks Daris strong enough to toss him outside the ring for a few seconds, he makes the tag to Stokes as Daris rolls back in the ring. Stokes hits a knee right to the midsection and knocks Daris down with a Styles Clash. He goes for the pin and gets the three count.

(RA) Here are your winners, Jared Farver and Demetrus Stokes!

They are celebrating in the ring until New Tattoo hits and GM Rallo walks out with his mic.

(Rallo) Well Farver and Stokes, you have earned to be in that match at Extreme Rules.

Fans are cheering heavily.

(Rallo) So it will be Adrian and his mystery partner vs the Unified Tag Team Champions, vs Reborn Unification vs Jared Farver and Demetrus Stokes!

Crowd going crazy as well as Stokes and Farver. R.B. look furious on the outside of the ring until Daris pushes Chip down and yells "Look What You Did!"  to Chip.

Rallo walks out as we go to commercial break

(Commercial Break)

(Backstage Segment: Dub Sizzle, Dan Telek)

Dub Sizzle is walking towards the arena for his match until he sees Dan Telek, his opponent in the hallway. They stare at each other until Sizzle nails a big boot to Telek and picks him up in a powerbomb position and Jay Rob comes out of nowhere and helps Telek out of it. They knock Sizzle down and take his championship strap. Jay holds Sizzle as Telek hits him with the strap. They leave looking happy as the fans loved the assault and medics come to aid Sizzle

(Commercial Break)

(Caine) We are back as we have just heard the report on Dub Sizzle.

(Xavier) Unfortunately, Sizzle will be out for a long period of time, the timespan has been disclosed for the time being, but we'll get you a report soon. A sad move by Strictly Business as they have used underwhelming ways to rid of their opponents. Smart strategy.

(Caine) Are you serious? After all the hell Sizzle caused towards Telek over the past few months, and you expect them not to retaliate? Now we will not see The Flowomenal One take on Sizzle tonight either. The United States Championship is now vacant as well I suppose. By the way, where was the rest of Downfall?

(Xavier) ...Oh well, we go to to our backstage interviewer who is with Josh Swell.

(BA) Thanks Xavier, we are now live with Josh Swell.

Fans cheer heavily as Swell walks up to the screen.
(BA) Now Swell, how do you feel about your match with Masque of Red Death in an Inferno Match at Extreme Rules?
(Swell) As everybody knows, DJ Rallo put me in a ring at ER against The Masque of Red Crap. And this isn't your average match. This is an inferno match. But since I am the true King of Controversy (What?) I guarantee that I will take Masque out of commission forever.
Lights go out as Masque's voice is heard.
(Masque) Young Swell, be careful what you wish for!
(Swell) What the hell?
(Masque) For too long, I have watched in silence as the weak and huddled masses have run amok here on SmackDown! and I will not allow it any more!
Camera pans the backstage area, looking for the source of the voice, to no avail
(Masque) Swell, you are sick, and everyone else in Strictly Business is sick, as well.
(B.A.) Somebody get the damned lights back on! Masque, you can get fined for this!
(Masque) I care not about you fines. I was brought here to give the people what they want, what they need. They need a champion who is ruthless in executing vengeance upon the unrighteous, and who has a zeal for blood and a thirst for violence.
The camera finally focuses in on the Masque of the Red Death, who moves his mask slightly to pull out something that he hides from view. He approaches Swell from behind.
(Masque) We can meet in an Inferno Match, in a First Blood Match, in a Cage Match. It does not matter.
Masque puts Swell in a full nelson from behind and slashes his forehead.
(Swell) Aaaaaah!
Masque then positions Swell for The Antidote (Death Valley Driver), which connects with a sickening thud on the floor. Masque retreats quickly into the back and speaks again from offstage without being seen.
(Masque) I have been told that to earn a shot at a title I must go through you, Josh Swell. Pity for you. I am more than willing to oblige. See you at Extreme Rules.
Lights come back and Swell is in a pool of his own blood as the B.A. is screaming

It is announced that Red Death will take on Jay Rob next week as Swell will take on Sterling Eby.

(Commercial Break)

(RA) This match is a Diva's match and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, being accompanied by Jay Rob, Andrea Claire!

Andrea comes out to Muse - Supermassive Black Hole; a pretty big pop

(RA) And her opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Sterling Eby, Christi Lott!

They come out to a good amount of heat.

Bell rings and we are under way.

We start with Claire quickly taking down Lott with a great looking flip-kick. Lott goes down, but quickly gets back up and charges at Claire, but Andrea tosses her into the turnbuckle. Claire goes for the Tree of Woe on to Lott as Claire puts her in the position. When Claire is about to charge at Lott, Eby gets up on the apron to distract Claire.

It does until Jay Rob hits Eby off the apron and they start fighitng on the other side outside the ring. While the two are fighting, Lott got herself out of the TOW position and hit Claire with a lariat. Claire falls to the mat and Lott goes for the pin. Two count only as Lott looks flabbergasted as we head to commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

Rob and Eby were still fighting on the outside until the referre ejects them both from ringside. They have completely ignored the ref and are still fighting on the outside. Claire and Lott are hitting simultaneous punches and kicks until Lott picks up Claire for a powerbomb, Claire reverses with a hurricarrana and goes for the pin. She gets the three count as she celebrates in the ring. Lott, who quickly gets up is surprised and attacks Lott, but Eby comes in front of Claire and is telling her to back off or else.

Jay Rob then comes in from the top rope and nails Eby and knocks him down. Jay now starts punching Eby on the mat, until Dozer comes out and takes out Jay with a spear and now Dozer and Eby are double teaming Jay as Lott and Claire are fighting on the outside.

Tim List and Dan Telek now come in and take out Eby and Dozer as they toss them outside the ring and Claire pushed Lott over the steel staircase and she landed next to the rest of Downfall on the outside of the ring.  Strictly Business are celebrating in the ring as Downfall looks in anger as they watch from the ramp. 

The lights suddenly go out and Red Death's music, "Cure" by Metallica, hits and nobody can see anything. There is a series of screams. The lights come back on as Strictly Business and Downfall are all bloody in the ring, except for Christi Lott who managed to run out of the arena as well as Andrea Claire who is standing in the ring with Masque. They stare at each other for a brief few seconds and Masque's lips appear to purse into a smile until the lights go off and he has disappeared when the lights return.

(Caine) Wow! Strictly Buissness has dominated Downfall in two weeks. I bet they regret not helping Dub Sizzle.

(Xavier) So true Caine, but I have to think this was some plan of some sort. This leads to a handicapped TLC match at Extreme Rules, and I find it doubtful that a man as smart as Sterling Eby would not allow this to happen. Also what is up with Masque? Who is this guy?

(Caine) Good question Xavier...there is a first time for everything. Masque is a very odd character to me and I anticipate seeING what Josh Swell does after that attack earlier tonight. That is if he even makes it to Extreme Rules.

As for Eby, Really? Have you ever once thought that Sterling is in this stable for himself? I believe he could care less about the rest of his team, except maybe Christi Lott. Maybe.

(Commercial Break)

AkD is at ringside for this matchup. He is spectating from the commentary booth.

(RA) This match is now a triple threat elimination match after Sterling Eby and The Riz have been injured tonight. (Nothing long readers, just for the rest of tonight). Introducing first, Ron Johsnon!

Mixed reaction when  Robbin' Hoodz by MOP hits.

(RA) His opponent, "The Hitman," Kevin Canny!

Big pop for Canny as he walks out.

(RA) And finally.

(Jev Thrope's voice appears on the titantron.)

(Thrope) Mr. Johnson, I patiently waited for a return, but hearing that you wanted a title match at Extreme Rules against my "friend" AkD, I had to stop you.

You do not deserve the treatment you get and I am going to tell the world why.

Back in April, I was in a tag team with my partner and longtime friend, AkD. We were set to win the tag team championships against Dub Sizzle and Adrian. Thus I had mysteriously disappeared and you were behind it.You had been sent by a man to eliminate me, and that man is yet to be found. I know you were an assailant, looking to end my early career, but you did not count on me returning. Thus, I am back tonight and will face AkD at Extreme Rules in a match od my choosing.

Jev Thrope's music hits as he comes out to a major pop.Ron looks distressed and Canny looks ready to fight. All three men are in the ring as this match is under way.

We start with Jev who instantly knocks down Ron Johnson with an axe kick and starts beating on Ron's already prone body. Canny then makes his presence known when he stomps on Jev and Jev looks angry.Jev gets up just in time to be suplexed to the mat by Kevin Canny. Canny picks him up and nails a runnig neckbreaker followed by a split legged moonsault attempt, by Canny, but Canny fails to connect as Jev gets out of the way.

Jev then gets up only to be hit by Ron Johnson's running STO. He goes for the pin, but releases it. Johnson then low blows Thrope and nails him with an Omega Bombe. After this incident, Jev Thrope is now face, as Ron Johnson turned heel.

Johnson gets the three count by pinning Thrope. Johnson gloats in the ring until Canny nailed Johsnon with a Gutwrench suplex and nails Johson in the Sharpshooter. Johnson is trying very hard to not tap out, but is forced to after a few minutes.

(RA) Here is your winner and the new number one contender, Kevin Canny!

(Caine) Can you believe this AkD? Canny will face you for the belt in any match of his choice.

(AkD) Well, let's see how things go for the kid. Let us see if he does what I expect.

Canny is still in the ring with a microphone.

(Canny) AkD, I will challenge you for the WWE title in a match I guarantee I will win...A Submission Match!

Crowd cheering heavily as fans are deciding who to cheer for.

(Xavier) What are you going to do now tough guy? He chose a match he has never lost.

(AkD) ...Well he is undefeated in that match type in all of his career, but he has yet to meet me in the ring.

AkD drops the headset and walks around the ring as Canny is looking at his WWE Championship. That concludes this week of Smackdown!

Quick Match Results

Jared Farver and Demetrus Stokes def. Unification Reborn

Andrea Claire def. Christi Lott

Kevin Canny def. Jev Thrope, Ron Johnson

Sorry there were not many matches, but I felt the three were solid in general.

Dark Main Event

Andrea Claire and Dan Telek def. Christi Lott and Dozer


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