Steelers' Antonio Brown Steps out of Bounds on Final Play to Negate TD

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistDecember 8, 2013

via @PatWhiteSports

It looked as if the Pittsburgh Steelers had found a way to lateral their way into the end zone for the miraculous game-winning touchdown against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. However, receiver Antonio Brown stepped out of bounds about 15 yards from the end zone, which ended the game.

The play started deep in Steelers territory:

Bleacher Report


Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report

There was confusion on the field, as nobody knew what the call was. Pittsburgh players were celebrating thinking they had won the game. Although it took a few seconds, the referees announced that Brown had stepped out.

Brown's speed gave the Steelers a chance to win the game, but he couldn't manage to keep his foot in bounds, as Pat White tweeted:

Miami held on for the 34-28 victory.