Why Raiderusmaximus Is a Raider Fan.

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMay 29, 2009

13 Nov 2000:  Running back Napoleon Kaufman #26 of the Oakland Raiders streaks down the field against the Denver Broncos in the first quarter at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado. <DIGITAL IMAGE> Mandatory Credit: Brian Bahr/ALLSPORT
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   One of the biggest things that made me an Oakland Raider fan was the history and the colors. Black being my favorite. I grew up in the  Plunkett era. I always felt that my favorite maetial artist Bruce lee had his studio in Oakland during the 60's so was he a Raider fan also?  maybe. Anyway.

 Theres the Shield, The Shield is just awesome with crossed swords, white and black colors. The Raider were just mean and hard. I enjoyed the vicious way in which they played. The great hitters like George Atkisson and Lester Hayes. Itys neat that love that they were the "feared team of the 60s - 70s. The Madden years especially. Wow.

   No matter what the odds are against the Raiders it seems they always bounced back. I love that Al Davis is the true "Maverick" of the NFL. He has done it all and although many dislike him, he is responsible for what football is today..

   It really to bad the the Raiders lost against its former coach , Gruden. Jon is a good coach and had he stayed one more year I beleive he would have recieved a SB win.  After all, he was robbed of  one called "the tuck rule". Another NFL stick it to Al Davis move. Jon did have some great weapons tho. He had Napoleon Kaufman, Jerry Rice and the legendary Tim Brown, around him to win. Winning is what he did.

  The Raiders have never looked the same until last seasons end when the "Cableman" was put in charge, and charge is exactly what he did! Using the skills around him (Johnnie Higgins, Thomas Howard, Asomugha, JaMarcus and Fargas/Bush) brought in the young guys and defeated some great teams at seasons end. He even kept Gruden out of the playoffs. Way to go Cableman!

    All the coaching fiasco may finally end. Shell was a great coach but not the second time around. As for Lane Kiffin, well I was hoping but it never happened.

   I feel the curse is finally lifted from the Raiders. They finally were able to defeat AFC west teams and become contenders again. This year is a year of redemption and that why I would love to cover this team. They are my team. The Oakland Raiders!!!