The Best Saves from Tampa Bay Lightning Goalies in 2013-14

Eric SteitzAnalyst IIIDecember 8, 2013

The Best Saves from Tampa Bay Lightning Goalies in 2013-14

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    Ben Bishop may be the Lightning's MVP so far this season. He has come up with some big stops already this year.
    Ben Bishop may be the Lightning's MVP so far this season. He has come up with some big stops already this year.Scott Audette/Getty Images

    The Tampa Bay Lightning's goaltenders have shouldered a big load so far this season and come up with some big plays in the process. Ben Bishop has been one of the league's best goaltenders, and Anders Lindback has done enough to give him a breather. 

    The Bolts are a team that provides highlight after highlight on the offensive end. The goaltending has been provided that opportunity in recent years. The Lightning's defense has turned the puck over in some rough spots, but that has allowed the goalies to make some highlight reel saves.

    With so many injured players, the Bolts' goaltenders have had to take on an even bigger role over the last couple weeks. Bishop and Lindback have embraced that with some big and timely saves.

    Here are the Bolts' best saves so far this season.

5. Bishop Stands Tall

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    When your team is on the power play, typically goaltenders can relax for a couple of minutes. That wasn't the case in the Lightning's Nov. 22 game against Anaheim. The Bolts turned the puck over and left Andrew Cogliano wide open on a break away.

    Bishop was able to keep the game scoreless with a big save. Unfortunately, the Ducks picked up the 1-0 win after regulation, but Bishop's save helped them secure a point in the standings.

4. Anders Lindback's Double Trouble

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    Anders Lindback hasn't had much opportunity to shine, but he came up with some big saves in the Lightning's Dec. 7 game against Winnipeg. Lindback has just seven starts this year and is 2-5-1 this season, but he was big in the overtime loss to the Jets.

    He stopped 34 of 36 shots in a brutal game. Lindback came up big on back-to-back shot attempts to keep the game close. Without Lindback, the overtime point wouldn't have been possible.

3. Bishop Stands on His Head

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    At the 2:20 mark of this NHL Network countdown, Ben Bishop proves that, if you're 6'7", you can do some amazing things. He gets caught out of position, recovers and makes an impressive save through traffic. The multiple angles show just how great of a save that was for Bishop on Eric Staal.

    Bishop took the No. 3 save of the week and deservedly so. 

2. Post-to-Post

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    At the 1:05 mark, Ben Bishop puts on a beautiful display of athleticism and range to stop the Edmonton Oilers from making any sort of a comeback. Bishop stops the 2-on-1 attempt with a sprawling glove save as he gets just enough to send it over the top of the net.

    This was one of the best saves for the Bolts this season, but he one-ups it against the Rangers.

1. Give a Little, Take It All

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    By far the best save of the year comes from Ben Bishop against the New York Rangers' Anton Stralman. At the 2:07 mark of the countdown, Bishop mimics his No. 2 save with a post-to-post, sprawling save. This one with an even harder shot and a tougher angle.

    This save takes the top spot as Bishop was able to get the whole glove on this one and control the puck. The Bolts rode this save to a commanding 5-0 win on Nov. 25.