NFL Week 14 Injury Report: Sunday Morning Med Check

Will CarrollSports Injuries Lead WriterDecember 8, 2013

USA Today

Did you make it?

Things get crazy now that it's the fantasy playoffs. Some teams feel the pressure, and some can let it go, throwing the fantasy equivalent of a Hail Mary in hopes that they can sneak past a juggernaut.

Context is everything, which means that injuries not only have to be known but understood. We'll be talking about Carson Palmer, Dennis Pitta, Reggie Bush and more today. 

Welcome to Week 14 of the Sunday Morning Med Check with Will Carroll and Tyler Brooke, where we give you all of the latest news on injured players heading into the early afternoon games. We'll be working the phones and checking with sources for any news we can find to make sure your team is ready to win this week.

Will is going to be your injury consultant, working the phones to find out what he can about players and their current status. Meanwhile, Tyler will be checking in on other sources to give you the latest news provided by local beat writers and NFL insiders.

Remember, inactive lists come out 90 minutes before game time. We'll discuss the big ones, but for a complete list, check out

We'll also be answering any fantasy football questions you may have. Be sure to tweet Tyler (@TylerDBrooke) and/or Will (@injuryexpert) using #BRFantasy, and we will answer your questions on the live blog. Also be sure to watch Fantasy Live starting at noon Eastern for even more help with your lineup.

Let's get started!