Will The Cardinals Avoid The Hail Mary?

Brent FarleyContributor IMay 29, 2009

The hail mary in football has been a play of desperation.  With a few seconds left and your team down in the score, you place every receiver on the line, have them streak down the field and hope one of them finds the ball as it is blindly thrown.

The Arizona Cardinals however have taken this play and used it several times.  With the absence of Todd Haley (he joined the Chief's as their head coach) on the Cardinals offensive side, the question needs to be asked, "will this type of play survive in the Cardinals organization"?

Kurt Warner loves to throw the ball.  If it were up to him, that would be the play ever down.  And by placing every receiver on the line, it gives Warner the opportunity to do exactly what he likes, to pass.

Will the new offensive coach think more traditional and put the kabosh on this?  Will he bring a new playbook and require Warner to submit?  One thing is for sure, Warner, in the beginning will not share the same type of relationship he had with Todd Haley.

My personal thought is this.  The Cardinals found success last year.  While it did not lead to the Superbowl win, he put a team that has been lost back on the road.  While changes have been made, and will continue to be made, stick to what works.  And give the State of Arizona another championship!