2009 Expectations Of The Arizona Cardinals

Brent FarleyContributor IMay 29, 2009

One of the best kept secrets of the Arizona Cardinals has been Coach Todd Haley, until the Cardinals made international headlines as the underdog in last years Superbowl.  One of the key ingredients to the Cardinal's success was the relationship quarterback Kurt Warner and Todd Haley shared, on and off the field.

Coach Haley had a trust in Warner that allowed him to manage the team on the field.  But while this trust ran deep, Coach Haley was not afraid to pull rank and remind the players of his position on the field.  Because of this, he will have great successes as the Head Coach with the Chief's.

The Cardinals have had to do a little rebuilding over during the off season.  After many years of failure, the Cardinals have a winner with Coach Whisenhunt.  He has been given the reigns of a team that has struggled to find an identity.  He has instilled in the players that they are ultimately responsible for the team winning.  He simply guides the ship in the water.  They keep it afloat.

As the NFL season begins, I expect the Cardinals to start where they left off.  No longer will Cardinal opponents think of the Cardinals as an easy win.  The Cardinals have proven they are a force, and although they did not win the ring last year, they took the Steelers to task, even when it seemed they were doomed to lose.

This season is an important one.  The Cardinals have gained fans in Arizona who for many years cursed them.  Another successful season could cement those fans as fans for life, or it could turn those bandwagon fans into haters for life.  With the ball in Warner's hands, and soon to be in Fitz's hands, good things are expected!  Will we end up in Miami?  Who knows.  Know one invited us to Tampa!