Oakland Raiders vs. New York Jets: Live Score, Highlights and Analysis

Ryan AlfieriCorrespondent IIIDecember 8, 2013

USA Today

After a month of cringe-worthy football, the New York Jets have finally managed to get themselves back on track with a convincing win over the Raiders. 

Outside of an early interception, Geno Smith settled into the game nicely and was effective with his arm and his legs. The defense made some mistakes, but they finally had enough breathing room to survive their missteps. 

Meanwhile, the Raiders suffer another disappointing loss. While he was not a disaster against a solid Jets defense, Matt McGloin could simply not do enough to keep up with the Jets on the scoreboard. The defense surrendered too many big plays. 

Combined with some special teams errors that included a blocked punt, and the Raiders are simply not good enough to be competitive when they make such mistakes.


Jets 37, Raiders 27