Projecting Bray Wyatt's Feud with Daniel Bryan After TLC

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistDecember 7, 2013

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As of this writing, 47 percent of a polled audience say Daniel Bryan will not join The Wyatt Family. This means 47 percent feel WWE will do the right thing in not making Bryan null and void.

I like The Wyatt Family characters. I like Bryan. One has huge potential that we haven't begun to see, and the other is arguably the most over with the fans out of anyone else in the company.

There is a lot of talent involved in this feud, but I don't think this is the right time for it. WWE 's attempting to make it interesting with the angle of Bray Wyatt trying to recruit Bryan to his family. Even more interesting than the angle is the words Wyatt spoke to Bryan from a promo backstage where it sounded like he was speaking the thoughts of many hardcore Bryan fans.

"I see you for what you really are, but they, they look at you like you're some circus clown here for their amusement."

"Together, we tear the walls off of this place."

"Together, we can bring the machine to its knees, Bryan."

Those were a few quotes from Wyatt's speech to Bryan after he defeated Erick Rowan. On the surface, the audience is likely whom Wyatt was referring to when he said "they." However, the "they" could also be applied to WWE management.

Wyatt is saying how he sees what Bryan is really capable of but that WWE doesn't take him serious to be a top guy. WWE has often been referred to as a machine due to its size and efficiency, which makes the statement of bringing the machine to its knees make perfect sense.

So will the already-bearded Bryan join the group? Highly unlikely.

Bryan has spent enough time in alliances and tag teams. WWE might have not booked him to overcome Randy Orton or Triple H, but it does know Bryan is profitable regardless. Silencing him in a group like The Wyatt Family, where there is one person in the group who does all of the talking, would make no business sense.

I had a moment of fear when Wyatt kidnapped Bryan that this would take Bryan off of television or at least out of the character that's gotten so over for weeks. Luckily, this didn't happen.

If Bryan was to join Wyatt, it would turn the family into babyfaces sooner than later. They will make good faces, but they are not needed in that department right now.

Bryan will eventually overcome and defeat Bray Wyatt. That's the only payoff—the face going over. However, I can see this being something that could carry on into Royal Rumble. Especially considering Bryan will have his fiancée, Brie Bella, there, and she was mentioned in Wyatt's promo to Bryan about putting a diamond ring on her finger.

Depending on how interesting the build is and what the finish of the final match is whenever Wyatt and Bryan meet one-on-one, it could be the first decisive victory over the family leader thus far.

This will give Bryan solid momentum prior to getting on the road to WrestleMania. Not sure what the momentum will be for since there are a million rumors of marquee WrestleMania 30 matches, and we haven't heard one that has anything to do with Bryan.

Perhaps he'll pick up momentum going into his wedding if he chooses to do that on WrestleMania weekend. He'll main event as the groom in Total Divas while the big boys main event WrestleMania.

I don't like the sound of that, but I bet you "they" do.