Eric Mangini Working The Cleveland Browns Rookies Too Hard, Not a Chance

Brant HoughtonContributor IApril 12, 2017

This is the kind of coaching style that the Cleveland Browns need. They need a hard-nosed coach to make them run, and make them more disciplined and mentally prepared than any other team out there. So, why are the players and everyone else clamoring over this report and whining about it?

It has been reported that head coach Eric Mangini has suggested his rookies go and work a football camp in Hartford, Connecticut, which is a 10 hour bus ride. That's right, they took a bus. The players and their agents did not that tidbit of information very much.

So what if Mangini made them work a football camp? So what if he made them ride on a bus for 10 hours. That gives the rookies, who have been scattered all over the country some time to get acquainted with each other, and get to learn what their tendencies are on the field. It also develops some discipline that the rookies desperately need. Mangini does not want them out at all hours partying and getting in trouble, something that some of the veterans need to learn too. Also, Mangini enforced a curfew on the rooks who joined the voluntary workout. A source said that even though it was voluntary, that it was B.S. voluntary workouts. He also went on to say that of course it wasn't voluntary “These players are fighting for starting jobs and playing time. What are they supposed to do, say ‘no, I’m not going?”’

My final burn as Jim Rome would say is that these pro players seem to be too spoiled. What, are they too used to flying in 1st class? Besides, I'm sure that the bus was not run down considering the head coach was rising in it too.

After this move people are calling for Mangini's head already, but I think it was a great move! He showed that he wants his team to be a family, and that he believes in team unity. Just wait all of Mangini's critics, the Browns will be a hard-nosed team that will be better than last year's team, and much, much more disciplined in the process. Remember this is the same philosophy that he instilled with the New York Jets in his first year, and look at the end result, a trip to the play-offs! Dang critics.