Torre Should Call Out MLB Fans Not Manny

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Torre Should Call Out MLB Fans Not Manny

It’s amazing how everywhere you hear that Manny Ramirez should skip the All-Star game if voted in. I do have to agree that yes Ramirez should not be allowed to play since he is serving a 5o game suspension for using a banned substance. He was having a great year before he was suspended and would have been a shoe in to make the mid-summer classic.

But Joe Torre should be calling out the fans that are voting for Ramirez not saying Manny should not go if voted in. That question I have is why do fans keep voting him into the game. Only in baseball can you be caught breaking the rules and still be allowed to on the ballot for the All-Star game. Can you really tell me that Manny deserves to be in the game?

That would be like allowing Shawn Merriman being able to play in the Pro Bowl in 2006 when he was suspended for four games for using steroids. But guess what he was. How can we allow players that cheat two be allowed to play in all star games. The NFL has since made a rule that a player suspend for banned substances is not allowed to make the Pro Bowl or receive any performance awards.

We as fans wants to believe that the players in the sports we love are clean and everything they do on the field, court, or the ice is from God given talent not chemically enhanced. How as fans can we say that if we vote people who have been caught cheating in to all star games and awards?

I am not saying suspected of using but being caught using. You cannot call yourself a fan if you’re going to vote Manny in to the all star game. A real fan would want to reward a player who is having a great year and has not been suspended for cheating.

If Manny does make the All-Star game then all baseball fans should not complain about players cheating in your sport since you just vote them in to the game anyway. It shows you do not care about the game of Major League Baseball. You just want a circus like boxing or pro wrestling. If Manny makes the All-Star game I will be ashamed to call myself a baseball fan.

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