Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State: Live Game Grades and Analysis for the Sooners

Dilan AmesCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2016

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma 33, Oklahoma State 24

The Oklahoma Sooners pulled out an upset victory on the road against the Oklahoma State Cowboys, winning in the final minute of the game on a touchdown pass from Blake Bell.

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Oklahoma Sooners Game Grades
Positional Unit1st Half GradeFinal Grade
Pass OffenseCB-
Run OffenseAA
Pass DefenseBA-
Run DefenseB+B+
Special TeamsA-A-
Oklahoma Sooners Week 15

Game Analysis for the Oklahoma Sooners 

Pass Offense: Kendal Thompson took over for Trevor Knight at the half before he was supplanted for Blake Bell who led the Sooners on a scoring drive to tie things up at 17. None of these three quarterbacks had great numbers, but did well with taking care of the ball. It was ultimately Bell’s poise and arm strength that led them to victory in the final minute of the game.

Run Offense: Oklahoma’s kept the pressure on OSU through their running game, totaling  yards against the Cowboys’ defense. Running the ball was key to the Sooners keeping up with Oklahoma State, although they eventually lost.

Pass Defense: Defense was a big part of this game for both teams, and the secondary of Oklahoma did a great job of keeping the Cowboys from getting too much momentum until late in the fourth quarter when Chelf drove them down the field for a touchdown. 

Run Defense: Oklahoma did a good job of shutting down the Cowboys’ running game in the second half, keeping Desmond Roland to just 35 yards on nine carries.

Special Teams: The Sooners got a much-needed boost from their special teams on many occasions, but it was their ability to down the ball near the Cowboys’ endzone that helped them most today.

Coaching: Oklahoma kept with the aggressive play-calling in the second half, converting fourth downs and even scoring on a trick play. 


Blake Bell did a great job of leading the Sooners to victory.
Blake Bell did a great job of leading the Sooners to victory.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

1st-Half Analysis for the Oklahoma Sooners

Pass Offense: Freshman quarterback Trevor Knight didn’t do a whole lot with his arm during the first half. As time was winding down toward the half, Knight did a good job of making the passes he had to in order to put his team in scoring position.

Run Offense: Oklahoma’s offensive output in the first half was almost all due to its run game. Between Knight running the ball out of the pocket and Brennan Clay’s downhill running style, the Sooners are focusing on pounding the rock, and it’s working.

Pass Defense: The Sooners defense have done a good job of limiting the Cowboys passing game, keeping Clint Chelf under 50 yards passing for the entire half. Chelf has only completed five of his 12 pass attempts and is struggling to get into a rhythm.

Run Defense: Oklahoma allowed a 51-yard rushing touchdown by Desmond Roland in the first quarter but has since stiffened up and allowed just 58 yards on Roland’s other 11 carries.

Special Teams: The Sooners got an important shift of momentum when Jalen Saunders returned a punt 64 yards for a touchdown. Kicker Michael Hunnicutt also helped them tie things up at the half with a 21-yard field goal, keeping their hopes of winning the game alive.

Coaching: I love aggressive coaching, and Oklahoma has done a good job of testing the OSU defense while still playing smart. The perfect example of this was the 4th-and-short fake-dive call that resulted in a first down.