MLB: Detroit Tigers' Struggles Continue

T KCorrespondent IApril 20, 2008

A lot of been said about the troubles of the Detroit Tigers lineup this year. Some baseball analysts even predicted they'd score 1,000 runs this year.

They'll need to score about 6.5 runs per game in order to do that. They're averaging just over 4 runs per game as is.

But the real reason that they've started out 6-13 this year is the struggles of the pitching staff.

They've allowed 117 runs in their first 19 games. The last time they did that was in seven years ago when they went 66-96.

Nate Robertson's loss to the Blue Jays today runs up the Starters ERA to 6.10. Compared to the ERA of the bullpen (4.95), it is clear that the starting pitching needs to be much improved.

Dontrelle Willis will most likely need a couple of rehab starts before he rejoins the starting rotation, so you can expect Galarraga to stick in the rotation for the time being.

Nate Robertson, however, has recently complained of soreness in his lat muscle and gave up five runs today. Don't be surprised if Robertson is put on the DL and replaced by Triple-A pitcher Virgil Vasquez. Look for Verlander and Rogers to rebound.