Luis Suarez Ascending to the Throne of Premier League's Best Player

Ryan Tolmich@@R_TolmichCorrespondent IIDecember 6, 2013

Suarez's masterful performances against Norwich are getting the Uruguayan noticed as more than a cheat
Suarez's masterful performances against Norwich are getting the Uruguayan noticed as more than a cheatJan Kruger/Getty Images

There are quite a few words that have been used to describe the enigma that is Luis Suarez.

Suarez is a biter. He is a diver. He is a racist. He is a cheat.

“El Pistolero” has done himself few favors during his time in England, as the Uruguayan maestro has put himself in far too many less-than-ideal situations.

However, for all of his faults, the words that most accurately describe the Suarez of the past few weeks are far different than the ones mentioned above.

Currently, Suarez is a mastermind. He is an artist. He is genius.

With that being said, it has become harder and harder to ignore the Uruguayan’s talent, as Suarez’s on-the-field magic is starting to eclipse his seemingly endless antics.

Suarez’s recent form, especially his absolutely magical performance against Norwich, is finally getting the player recognized more then the man.

This all begs the question: Has Suarez finally ascended to the throne of Premier League’s best player?

The Uruguayan has been scoring at a rate similar to that of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo; Suarez has been able to fire home 13 times in just nine games, which puts him in the lead for this season’s Golden Boot.

Trailing just behind Suarez is Manchester City hit man Sergio Aguero, who has banged home 11 on the season while leading the boys in sky blue in what might just be one of the fiercest attacks in recent memory.

If goals aren’t your thing, there’s always Mesut Ozil, who, along with the resurgent Aaron Ramsey, has catapulted Arsenal to the top of the Premier League table. The German playmaker has been a key cog in the Arsenal attack, as his pinpoint passing and stellar vision have been major reasons in Arsenal’s standing as league leaders.

If you’re looking for someone with a bit more balance to his game, there’s always Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney. Like Suarez, the Englishman always seems to assert himself as the center of attention. Despite United’s early-season struggles, Rooney has been phenomenal, and he leads United with eight goals and five assists in 13 games.

It’s hard to pick out flaws in any of these players. Aguero might just be the most efficient striker on the planet right now. Ozil looks like he could drop a through ball into a shot glass. Rooney is the only thing preventing United from falling into complete and utter chaos.

However, what differentiates Suarez from those mentioned above isn’t just what he’s doing, it’s how he’s doing it.

Suarez just has a flair for the dramatic, as he doesn’t merely score—he scores spectacularly. Sometimes it’s a display of tremendous touch and skill, like his finish against Newcastle last campaign. At other points, he shows his ruthlessness on set pieces, as his free-kick finishes and corner flicks are becoming dangerous for an already vicious Liverpool side. And then, just to keep you honest, El Pistolero will bury one from 40 yards, just to remind you that he can do such a thing.

At the end of the day, Luis Suarez lives in his own little world in more ways than one.

There may not be a single person on this planet who understands what exactly goes through the Uruguayan’s head during the average day, as Suarez will always be someone who gives those around him more questions than answers.

However, the Liverpool forward also resides on a planet all his own when it comes to footballing ability—the Uruguayan's play has set him apart from each and every player in the Barclays Premier League.

Is Luis Suarez the class of the Premier League? How long will the Uruguayan remain on English soil? Have your say with a comment below or tweet @R_Tolmich with your opinion!


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