B/R Experts' Twitter Debate: Should P.K. Subban Be on Team Canada?

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B/R Experts' Twitter Debate: Should P.K. Subban Be on Team Canada?
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Shouldn't the reigning Norris Trophy-winning defenseman be granted a ticket to Sochi to play for Canada in the Winter Olympics? Not necessarily, at least to Bleacher Report's own Dave Lozo, who debates this question with fellow scribe Jonathan Willis. I'm your moderator, Adrian Dater, although my name probably should be Ron McLean, as I am going to try and make sense of our two Don Cherry-esque panelists.

My job, then, like McLean's, is to raise an eyebrow and look confused whenever these guys say something and try to interject some common sense. I will pass a few judgments myself, and seeing as how I am allowed to get the last word on this thing, that will be the final judgment. So off we go...

I'm with you here Willis. How is this a debate? Can we start over?

Well, kind of. I mean, it goes the year's best all-around defenseman. Then again, Shakespeare in Love did beat out Saving Private Ryan for best picture in 1998. So, you're still in the game here Lozo. Proceed.

Hey careful there, Lozo. I'm a former White House intern, and I still have hopes of claiming the Oval Office.

Wait, are you actually implying, Mr. Lozo, that the game's power brokers don't listen to what we have to say? It is for shame, sir.

Ok, now this is getting good. Butter and light salt on the popcorn please.

Down goes Lozo, down goes Lozo, down goes...K, sorry. But good point Willis. You're smarter than you look.

Five thousand guys with pocket protectors and taped-together glasses want to have a word with you, Lozo.

Oh, don't start letting up and being polite now, Willis. You had him!

Let's just sing Kumbaya now then guys.

Do I detect a note of sarcasm there Willis? Atta boy. Your move, Lozo.

Wait, now we're getting wonkish, Lozo?

Are you gonna take that, Willis? Are you gonna take that?

Cue Paulie Walnuts here: "Oooohhhh."

Cue Paulie, Tony Soprano and Christopher here: "Ooooohhhhhh."

Mr. Cherry thanks you for his inclusion to this debate. Signed, The CBC.

Do it for the kids. The kids! Think of the kids!

Is Todd Bertuzzi still available?

See, was this really so hard, to form consensus?

Is that sarcasm?

Paulie: "Ooooohhhhh."

Awkward silence.

OK, not bad guys. Points on both sides. We'll leave it to the readers to decide who won this. I need to work with both you guys still.

But dudes, next time, just go with this:

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