Big Show's Feud with Alberto Del Rio Will Further Weaken Both Stars

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 6, 2013

Del Rio delivers a stiff kick to Big Show.
Del Rio delivers a stiff kick to Big Show.from

Big Show and Alberto Del Rio both find their careers in precarious situations right now, and it's difficult to see a program between them helping turn either man's career around.

Per the storyline, a stiff kick from Del Rio caused Big Show's recent concussion problems. The two may very well be headed for a showdown soon—maybe even at the TLC pay-per-view on December 15.

It's easy to see why WWE would go for this program. Hey, it's not like either man has anything else going on right now.

Del Rio’s problems have been well-chronicled on here.

Del Rio...not a main event talent.
Del Rio...not a main event talent.from

The star is coming off one of the dullest World Heavyweight Championship runs ever. His babyface turn at the beginning of the year was also a total disaster.

He’s also been separated from Ricardo Rodriguez in the storyline—a move that only served to damage both men significantly.

Generally, his whole WWE stint feels like a dismal flop.

While some of it is undoubtedly due to inept booking, the 36-year-old has been given more pushes and more chances than many in the company, but he has failed to live up to expectations. That’s on him, not WWE.

Big Show isn't doing much better either.

Big Show deals with his concussion.
Big Show deals with his concussion.from


The giant, of course, received a huge push throughout the summer and autumn as a foil to The Authority.

Alas, fans couldn't accept him as the top babyface role.

Sure, he's a likable enough guy, but, as both a wrestler and personality, he appears to be lacking the spark that a genuine top star needs.

(It probably didn’t help that he seemingly nudged the more popular Daniel Bryan out of a main event spot.)

Never was his failure to connect with the fans more evident than during the Survivor Series main event when the Big Show vs. Randy Orton was greeted with loud and embarrassing chants of “boring” by the Boston crowd in attendance.

As PWTorch’s Greg Parks sagely noted on his Twitter account that night:

Harsh but true. No wonder Big Show was removed from the main event scene on the following Monday's Raw.

So, really, with both Del Rio and Big Show at career low points, will putting them against each other do much for either wrestler? It's difficult to see, isn't it?

Fans are seemingly bored with both guys, so why should they want to see them face off on television and pay-per-view?

The concussion element of the storyline probably won't help.

At a time when most people have, thanks to the great work of Chris Nowinski and the Sports Legacy Institute, come to accept concussions as a deeply serious matter, is it really appropriate to use them in a silly wrestling angle?

Chris Nowinski honoring WWE at a recent Sports Legacy Institute event.
Chris Nowinski honoring WWE at a recent Sports Legacy Institute event.from

Probably not.

Even if the company attempted to take such a matter seriously, it probably wouldn’t work.

WWE’s bookers simply don’t have the maturity to handle such a subject with the grace and tastefulness it deserves.

Heck, Vince McMahon is the same guy currently overseeing a truly dreadful gimmick in which tag team wrestler Titus O’Neal vomits during matches. That tells you everything you need to know.

Who knows if either Big Show or Del Rio’s careers can be rehabbed in 2014?

But a feud between them certainly won’t be the thing that does it. That much is obvious.