All Eyes Locked on Fernanda Lima for 2014 World Cup Draw Ceremony

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All Eyes Locked on Fernanda Lima for 2014 World Cup Draw Ceremony
Buda Mendes/Getty Images

The teams were finally sorted, groups were set and now the debate has begun. As it were, the world took just a few moments to wonder about one of the hosts helping with the 2014 World Cup Ceremony: Fernanda Lima.

As The Mirror reports, Lima was some kind of wonderful in the eyes of the millions who sat patient in front of computer screens and televisions around the world. 

With eager anticipation, those waiting to hear where their country's respective side fell decided to tweet. The Mirror's Richard Beech reports fans did that at a heated pace, "It didn't take long for the name "Fernanda Lima" to start trending, with up to 10 people posting updates about the Brazilian TV presenter every single second worldwide on Twitter."

Clive Mason/Getty Images
Clive Mason/Getty Images

For those not familiar with the 36-year-old, she is a Brazilian model/actress who is best known for appearing in shows like Bang Bang and hosting the series Amor & Sexo, via IMDB.

IMDB's page also has some interesting tidbits: She was once Brazil's MTV VJ, started her career in modeling at the young age of 14 and has a degree in journalism. 

As for her personal life, she is married to fellow actor Rodrigo Hilbert, and the two have twin boys, João and Francisco. 

As for her most recent foray into hosting, the Twitter world certainly took notice:

Of course, the most memorable exchange on Friday came when Lima tried to grab a ball from former Uruguayan footballer Alcides Ghiggia

Bleacher Report UK's Mark Patterson helps us out with a GIF of the lighthearted exchange. 

GIF Credit: Bleacher Report

We are going to credit Ghiggia here with a sloppy pass. Though we have to applaud Lima for being cool with the realization millions of eyes were watching her bumble the tiny ball.  

Those fans, by the way, now have a few months to pour over the groups and offer their own analysis. Some will celebrate an easy draw while others (ahem, America) will continue to cringe. 

Months before a champion is crowned, Lima managed to own the discussion and dominate the tweets. Not bad for pulling out a few balls and calling out numbers like a global game of bingo. 

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