Debate: Does Granderson Make the Mets a Playoff Team?

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Debate: Does Granderson Make the Mets a Playoff Team?
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Now that the Mets got a much-needed upgrade in the outfield, does Granderson push them into the playoffs? 


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No, but this is a step in the right direction. This shows mets fans that the organization hasn't checked out of the upcoming season just because Harv...
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Come on now. As a Mets fan we have to build for 2015. See what Thor and Little Pedro can do if they break camp with the team and try to move Ike AND D...
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Does not make them a playoff team but it does make them a competitive team. This bunch showed a lot of fight, and some promise last season. The beginn...
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Not yet put it puts them closer. If they can get a key addition such as Stephen Drew along with granderson then they can be considered contenders.
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The Omar Minaya rebuild is far different than the Sandy Alderson rebuild. Omar's was more win now. Sandy is build a foundation for the future. Don't g...
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