Interview With Eli Manning

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Interview With Eli Manning
(Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for DirectTV)

After being the number one seed in the NFC and coming up short to a division rival in the playoffs, what can you do differently if you are in that position again?

What are you working on the most this year?

What were defenses doing last year that they had not done before?

What are you looking forward to the most this year?

How do you fill the shoes of players like Amani Toomer and Plaxico Burress?

Who has influenced your game the most?

What do you offer your team that doesn't make it on the stat sheet?

Who are you looking at this year on the Giants that will surprise everyone?

If you could have any player on your team from another squad who would it be?

What is the toughest division in the NFL?

Are any players worth $100 million?

You have been in the league since 2004, how has your game changed?

You were drafted in the same draft class as Ben Roethlisberger and Phillip Rivers. How do you compare to these players?

What is more important in the NFL: brains or brawn?

Who was your favorite football player growing up other than your father?


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