Brazil's 'All in One Rhythm' Slogan Will Unite Fans for 2014 World Cup

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Brazil's 'All in One Rhythm' Slogan Will Unite Fans for 2014 World Cup
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The idea of “rhythm” in soccer is an old concept in Brazil.

Music and “football” have done so much to shape the culture and the public perception of the world’s fifth-largest country. As the host nation of the 2014 World Cup, Brazil is hoping to bring these two themes together to establish a uniquely Brazilian aura for the event. 

The slogan for the 2014 tournament is “All in one rhythm.” The phrase was concocted in May 2012, through the joint cooperation of FIFA, the Brazilian government and the Local Organizing Committee. 

While it sounds a bit gimmicky (as most slogans do), the message goes deeper than a simple tagline. It’s a call for both the organizers of the World Cup proceedings and the Brazilian national team to work in unison within their respective groups and act with a single purpose.

If you’ve ever watched Brazilian soccer performed at its highest level, you’ll understand that “all in one rhythm” isn’t just slogan—it’s a game plan.

Chemistry and fluid attacks are the marquees of great Brazilian teams, and of course, there are always the rhythmic Samba celebrations.

“All in one rhythm” also represents a unifying message for Brazilian fans. The nation and its residents will soon slide under the international microscope, and every Brazilian fan could potentially be viewed as all Brazilian fans by the worldwide audience.

These slogans are all about creating a positive and unique mindset for the host nation and its international visitors. It’s a celebration of Brazil—the birthplace of the world’s most beautiful form of soccer.


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