Gran Turismo 6: Release Date, Expert Reviews and Latest Videos

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistDecember 6, 2013

If you love cars and video games, the release of Gran Turismo 6 on Friday, Dec. 6 will be a dream come true.

The latest installment of one of PlayStation’s most famous franchises has hardcore fans of the game and general racing enthusiasts ready for the on-track gameplay improvements and the vast library of vehicles to purchase.

While the game is far from perfect—several bugs will need to be worked out with a downloadable Day 1 service pack—the combination of improved graphics, the wide array of cars available and the unique tracks make this a can’t-miss purchase.

Here is all the vital information for purchasing the latest Gran Turismo, several reviews to give gamers an idea of what to expect and a few videos to satisfy the need for more speed.


Release Date: Friday, Dec. 6

Price: $59.99

Console: PlayStation 3

Rating: Everyone




Expert Reviews

One of the biggest gripes with the Gran Turismo series was the monotonous gameplay that made it hard for casual gamers to keep focused on the larger prizes. Instead of getting more repetition and slow progression, Martin Robinson of claims the upgrades are fundamental and make a serious difference:

You can drive on the moon. Gran Turismo has never been short of eccentricities, but a problem prior to Gran Turismo 6 is how readily they were ferreted away, presenting at face value a game that appeared, unfairly, clinical and soulless. That's not so much of a problem this time. The single-player progression, for the first time in the series' recent history, plots a meaningful, varied course through the wealth of content, offering up countless distractions and diversions to complement the core grind.

According to Luke Reilly of, however, for all of Gran Turismo 6’s strengths, the game still has several weaknesses that can make it hard to enjoy at times:

Make no mistake: Gran Turismo 6 is, by most measures, a remarkable racing game. It’s impossibly good looking for a PlayStation 3 game, the handling is spectacular, and the sheer variety of track and driving content it boasts is nothing short of show-stopping. It’s a marked improvement on GT5. Beneath it all, however, familiar old series gripes relating to damage modeling, sound, and a dated car list return to partially undermine everything developer Polyphony does so right, and they’re gripes that are persistently nibbling away at the foundations of this genre titan.

One of the problems with the Gran Turismo series in the past was the slow place to the game and the inability to improve cars immediately. While those issues are still present, Joseph Barron of talks about how fast the pace picks up once gamers are through the first portion of the career mode:

Once you're through the slog of the first 90 minutes, the credits and cars arrive much more quickly. Career mode also puts the new circuits up front, keeping returning GT fans entertained while repeating the usual pattern of having you drive slower cars to work your way up to pure racing machines. Silverstone, Goodwood Hill Climb, Bathurst, and Willow Springs are among the new real-world circuits, and there are a couple of returning fictional tracks from past Gran Turismo games that were absent from GT5. The sheer number of cars and tracks is one of the most impressive aspects of GT6.

The reviews haven't been prefect, but with the Day 1 upgrades and the online packages, GT6 should be on every gamers' Christmas list.



Latest News and Videos

The biggest news surrounding the release of Gran Turismo 6 is the talk of microtransactions and how they will impact gamers. Sony will use the real-life investment of money for credits to pay for new cars. That indicates fans will have to purchase the game and buy even more credits online to fully utilize the game.

The price breakdown for credit purchases looks like this (according to

  • 500,000 credits: $4.99
  • 1,000,000 credits: $9.99
  • 2,500,000 credits: $19.99
  • 7,500,000 credits: $49.99

With over 1,200 cars and 100 track layouts, game developer Polyphony has gone all-out with the incentives in the game. The following video from PlayStation’s official site is a complete preview of the game:

As if the game couldn’t get more interesting, the fact that legendary driver Mario Andretti has his first car in the latest edition as a special feature for fans will make this a must-own purchase. If this video doesn’t get gamers excited, nothing will:

There is a general frenzy when any Gran Turismo is released because of the aura around the series, but the sixth edition has the potential to be the best so far as long as Sony and the game developers fix the bugs upon its release.

The general consensus is that Gran Turismo 6 isn’t perfect, but it’s still very impressive.



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