WWE Never Say Never: Does Triple H Have Another World Title Reign in Him?

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistDecember 6, 2013

From WWE.com

WWE has earned an unfavorable reputation of failing to deliver satisfying finishes on pay-per-view as of late.

So when it was announced that the "goal" was to crown a singular champion at WWE TLC, fans immediately began speculating that this would be another one of those finishes.

What's the catch? Who's going to be the champion? Are both titles really on the line? What if both Cena and Orton each grab a title?

WWE's upcoming pay-per-view is being met with the same amount of skepticism as if the promotion was selling a used car below Kelley Blue Book value. It's simply too good to be true. Too good for WWE, at least.

The speculation was especially justified given WWE's careful language pertaining to an undisputed champion. Before Monday, announcers and talent treated the word "unified" like it would result in an FCC fine upon mentioning.

Triple H described the premise, of having one world champion, as a contingency during his weekly interview series with Michael Cole. By the end of that interview it seemed as if the fix was in. Who cares if the goal is to have one world champion, what's the finish?

WWE responded to the overwhelming suspicion by marrying the alluring concept outright. During Raw's final segment, Stephanie McMahon guaranteed there will be one champion following the TLC main event. The WWE Universe even had the opportunity to vote on what the would-be championship should be called.

That still isn't good enough for some, if not most.

Like well-trained bloodhounds, fans and pundits continue to sniff through the historically slippery booking in search of a screw.

One champion? Was it mentioned who that champion would be? In a no disqualification match involving tables, ladders and chairs, couldn't that ambiguous one champion could be anybody?

Couldn't it be Triple H?

Stephanie McMahon twice mentioned Triple H as one of the greatest champions of all time, one for each world championship. Clearly, this is WWE's trick to poke jaded Internet fans into thinking there is a possibility of Triple H being involved in TLC's main event, right?

Surely The Game won't somehow emerge from smoke and misty bottled water to claim one last moment of glory as an undisputed champion. Triple H is an attraction at this point of his career. His days as a world champion are over.

Aren't they?

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