Derrick Rose Says He'll 'Never Recruit' Free Agents to Chicago Bulls

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistDecember 5, 2013

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Derrick Rose may be out of the Chicago Bulls lineup for the season while he recovers from surgery on his meniscus, but that doesn't stop him from making news. 

Apparently he's already started to think about his strategy next offseason, a time when the Bulls will presumably be trying to make some sort of change to bring a bit of freshness to the increasingly stale roster.

And that strategy?

Do nothing. 

K.C. Johnson is referring to the 2012 offseason, when Rose went on the record, saying that he did in fact recruit Kirk Hinrich back into a Chicago uniform.

ESPN Chicago's Jesse Rogers reported that Rose called the be-goggled point guard "the first person I recruited" at the Bulls' media day just prior to the 2012-13 campaign. He also noted that Rose had "indicated he wasn’t the type to be calling free agents" in the past. 

But if Hinrich was the first, he's also going to be the last.

Assuming Rose is to be believed this time around now that the basketball world has gotten more topsy-turvy than ever. It almost feels commonplace to have superstars from different teams hanging out and deciding—under the table, of course—that they'd eventually like to play together. 

Perhaps the reason that Rose won't recruit players is the complete lack of available funds general manager Gar Forman has at his disposal.

With over $39 million tied up in Rose, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson, there's not much financial flexibility unless Carlos Boozer becomes a victim of the amnesty clause. And even then, there's still Luol Deng to worry about, as well as the process of bringing Nikola Mirotic overseas. It's not as though the Bulls have the ability to reel in any big fish in the free-agent pool this offseason. 

So really, it might not matter whether or not Rose pitches in on the recruiting front. At least he says he can play with anyone. 

That's a positive for a team desperately in search of some silver lining.