Mock Interview Questions For Kenny Phillips

Bobby Reagan@uklefty22Senior Analyst IIJune 26, 2016

1) Last year as a rookie, you were put right into the lineup. How hard is that as a rookie?

2) What was your first welcome to the NFL experience?

3) A year later, a lot of Giants fans have bigger expectations for you after a successful rookie year. How do you feel about those expectations?

4) What's the biggest difference between rookie and sophomore year in the NFL?

5) Who did you learn the most about the position from on the Giants? What about outside the Giants?

6) Who do you credit for your interest in football?

7) How did you start playing football?

8) When did the realization of the chance to eventually play in the NFL come about?

9) Who on the Giants are you the closest with?

10) Do you have any pregame rituals?