Softball Game Ends After Umpire Is Plunked with Ball on Purpose

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 5, 2013

In a video spotted by For the Win's Mike Foss, an umpire was hit in the facemask with a softball, allegedly on purpose. 

We do have to use the term "allegedly," because only the coach who heads out to the mound and the players in the huddle know for sure whether the catcher's brief exit from her stance at the exact perfect time was a called play. 

But we all know what we saw. 

The video was originally posted to a Robocoach message board, and it featured the Cal Cruisers and Minors Gold. In message board, you can watch a full hour of the proceedings, including the few moments that precede the facemask toss. 

The lengthy video link can be found here, and you really get to hear fans get on the umpire's case around the one-hour mark. From there, the usual chiding follows as ball after ball is called. 

One commenter—and we can't confirm the accuracyclaims this game features 18-year-olds. At this point, you would hope that the coach is willing to teach sportsmanship rather than athletic thuggery. 

As has been echoed in the message boards, the umpire could have been seriously hurt. Sometimes calls don't go your way, and the umpire, ref or official seems to be blind to your plight. 

We have all had to deal with it. Hey, go ahead and give the ump a hard time if you like, but there is a definite line, and this coach and his players danced all over it. 

As you see in the video, the game was called shortly after the incident. 


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