Lewis Hamilton Puts Video of His F1 Trophy Cabinet on Instagram

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterDecember 5, 2013

Lewis Hamilton is back home after the end of the Formula 1 season, and in the mood to take a look at his trophy cabinet.

The 2008 World Champion has one of Formula 1's best collections of memorabilia, and clearly values the trophies he has won.

In fact, earlier this year, Hamilton revealed that he was thinking about setting up a museum dedicated to his own achievements—something Cristiano Ronaldo has also started up this week.

As reported by Eurosport, Hamilton said in March:

It was my dad’s idea. At the moment, all of my trophies are in his loft. But we thought it would be cool to have somewhere for them, perhaps with one of the cars for every year I have driven. There’s no point in having them where no one can see them.

He clearly had the same thing in his mind earlier with his smartphone in hand, although he adds it represents only a fraction of his trophies:

One day I will show you all the trophies but they are all in boxes right now. I have over 500 but that's over 20 years of racing. #workhard

— Lewis Hamilton (@LewisHamilton) December 5, 2013

This year, Hamilton added a solitary race win with his new Mercedes, but managed several pole positions and podium finishes.