The Wyatt Family Looks Silly After Another Kidnapping Goes Nowhere

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistDecember 5, 2013


Last time the Wyatt Family was involved in a kidnapping angle, Kane was the victim at this past year's SummerSlam.

Kane was not seen or heard from for several weeks, creating speculation that he would join the Wyatt Family upon returning.

Upon returning, however, not only was Kane's kidnapping ignored, his suit-and-tie role as a Director of Operations couldn't be any further from the psychological mess many expected him to be.

The Wyatt Family was presented with a mulligan when they abducted Daniel Bryan last week on Raw. This storyline was doomed from the start as WWE contradicted itself concerning Daniel Bryan's whereabouts.

Just one day after the kidnapping, Triple H claimed to have spoken with Bryan following his abduction, yet Bryan was booked as if he were nowhere to be found when SmackDown aired later that week.

Right on cue, Daniel Bryan returned to television unscathed. Given the patience it takes to grow a Wyatt beard, one would think the stable would have the discipline to follow through with a kidnapping.

WWE further complicated the kidnapping angle when Bray Wyatt asked a freed Daniel Bryan to join the Wyatt Family. This is especially confusing since the Wyatts had the opportunity to convert Bryan already.

If Bray Wyatt really wanted the services of Daniel Bryan, why did he release him from custody? Clearly this wouldn't have been much of a choice if Bryan were being held against his own will.

Given the brainwashing implications of the Bray Wyatt character, it would make more sense to take Daniel Bryan by force instead of making a sales pitch like the Wyatt compound is some sort of timeshare.

The Wyatt Family could have differentiated themselves with the vaunted kidnapping if WWE were to effectively follow up. Grainy video footage of kidnappings which led to new members would train the WWE audience to take these spots seriously.

But after a pair of abductions led to nothing, it's difficult to take the Wyatt Family seriously. Another such kidnapping would only be met with apathy.

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