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BamaFreakCorrespondent IMay 29, 2009

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 24:  Defensive lineman Lorenzo Washington #97 and Rolando McClain #25 of the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrate after sacking quarterback Brandon Cox #12 of the Auburn Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on November 24, 2007 in Auburn, Alabama. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

The Alabama Crimson Tide had a spectacular breakthrough season in 2008, but it ended in a downing postseason. Going 12-2 isn't the season that the Tide sought in the postseason of 2008, but they'll take that any year.

It was more than a mystery what head coach Nick Saban did in 2008, and the fans that pack Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday nights hope that he will have even more unbelievable tricks hiding up his sleeves.

Here are my predictions for Alabama's 2009-10 season.


Virginia Tech: (W) 24-21  (1-0)

Coach Saban chose his games wisely, and this is the wisest of the choices for 2009. He wants his Tide to go out and raise the hype and anticipation going into the season this year, but one mess-up and he could lose more than he can gain.

Saban will need to ready his defense for the talent at quarterback, and his offense will need to be the first on the board. If they can be, they may get that little intimidation that they need to win.

This game will have all of the hype of last year's Clemson game and more! I think that Alabama will win this game in a nail-biter.


Florida International: (W) 42-13  (2-0)

This game will have all the makings of a blowout. Alabama overpowers the Cougars on both offense and defense. The Cougars' offensive line needs work, and Alabama will take advantage. Alabama will come out with at least three sacks and two interceptions.

Our defense will dominate, and our offense will rack up the points through the air and on the ground. This will just be a warm-up for our SEC foes.


North Texas: (W) 35-0  (3-0)

Now, Florida International will actually get some offense going, but North Texas won't. They will get inside the 30 a couple of times, but their kicker will miss on his attempts. He is not a "great" placekicker. Also, their offense will not do great on third down.

I doubt that Alabama will let up on defense, and once they get their stats, we will give the second team a chance. Alabama will dominate this game from start to finish.


Arkansas: (W) 21-10  (4-0)

Arkansas may be a bigger challenge. Okay, they WILL be a bigger challenge. They will be better on both offense and defense this season. They will probably give Alabama a challenge, but the Tide will come out with a comfortable win at home.


Kentucky: (W) 27-7  (5-0)

In 2008, the Kentucky Wildcats gave Alabama's offensive line a challenge. This year, though, our line should be better. Kentucky will be better too, but not good enough to put out the Tide.


Ole Miss: (W/L) 21-17  (6-0)

This will be the closest and maybe best game of the season. Ole Miss will be a great team in 2009, and I believe this is the game that will shape the SEC West. If Alabama can come out with the win, then they will stay at the top of the standings and stay in the top five. If Ole Miss wins, they will get the same results.

This could be a win for either team in a nail-biter.


South Carolina: (W) 35-10  (7-0)

Alabama announced that the South Carolina game, which will be held at home, will be our homecoming in 2009. This game will not be as easy at it seems, but Alabama will find limited problems on route to their homecoming win.


Tennessee: (W) 14-3  (8-0)

This will be a lower-scoring game than many think. I believe that Tennessee's defense will shut down Alabama's offense in the running game. Our line will need to protect the QB if we want to come out with the win. It will be a hard-fought game, but Alabama will get the win.


LSU: (W) 17-10 (OT)  (9-0)

This game will, I think, be the only game to go into overtime in the 2009 regular season. Just like last year, I believe the Tigers will take Alabama into overtime, but the Tide will pull out the win in a tight game.


Mississippi State: (W) 24-7  (10-0)

The Bulldogs will not do so hot this season, but only because most everyone in their conference will be better than them. Their defense will be pretty strong, but their offense will not be. The Tide will get a well-earned win over the Bulldogs.


UT-Chattanooga: (W) 52-6  (11-0)

This will be a huge win for the Tide. I believe it was planned to be a warm-up for the Iron Bowl. UT-Chattanooga will be destroyed by our offensive line, and our defensive backs will have a couple of pick sixes. Alabama will dominate this game.


Auburn: (W) 31-17  (12-0)

Auburn will play well in the first quarter as they take the lead early. Alabama will take the lead before halftime and never look back as they take the win.


Florida—SEC Championship: (L) 35-28 (OT)  (12-1)

Florida will play great in 2009 and will go into this game 12-0 also. The game will, I think, be tied up late in the fourth quarter by Florida and will go into overtime. Florida will pull out the win though in a close one.


These are my predictions for the 2009 season. I don't have a clue who we will play in our bowl game, but I think we will play in either the Sugar Bowl or the Orange Bowl. Our season will be great!

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