Atlanta-Los Angeles: Mark Teixeira's Revenge

DonnyContributor IApril 20, 2008

Is it a hit? Nope, it's an error. No wait—it's a hit!

That is what Atlanta Braves first baseman Mark Teixeira had to deal with as the umpires couldn't make up their mind after Teixeira beat out a throw to get to first base in today's Atlanta Braves game against the L.A. Dodgers.

While these umpires couldn't decide if it was a hit or an error, Mark Texieira wasn't done with L.A. pitching for the day.

After Dodgers reliever Scott Procter came in—with one out—Kelly Johnson (who had hit a home run in the fifth inning off the starter) doubled to left field. That brought up Mark Teixeira.

And then what happend you ask? What happend wass that Teixeira had his revenge and hit a home run off Scott Proctor.

But the Braves weren't done yet. After that they scored a couple more runs for insurance.

In my opinion, today's hero was Mark Teixeira. The man who drove in three runs on three hits. The end of today's Atlanta game was 6-1 in favor of Atlanta.