NFL Authors, 10 Books You Won't See On Shelves This Season

ChiCitySports .ComCorrespondent IMay 29, 2009

Nothing in this world compares to the joy of reading a great book. Here are 10 books that NFL fans won't have the opportunity to sit down and read. Excuse the main graphic, Lofa Tatupu's English is still a bit off.

10.) "Relationships and You" by Terrell Owens

9.) "Urghgahewafkljfewa" by A Drunk Kyle Orton

8.) "Everybody poops but, I excrete gold" by Tom Brady

7.) "Kennel Training 101" by Michael Vick

6.) "Safety While Driving" by Dante Stallworth

5.) "Every Ending is a New Beginning" by Brett Favre

4.) "The 3am Waffle House Shuffle" by Javon Walker

3.) "Nose Candy" by Matt Jones

2.) "They are who we thought they were: Contemporary Philosophy" by Denny Green

1.) "Harry Potter and the Golden Plated Insulin Pump" by Jay Cutler



Rush - VSN Writer