Sin Cara the Character Is More Valuable Than Who's Under the Mask

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistDecember 4, 2013

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The legacy of Batman survived after George Clooney played the part, let's hope the same can be said for Sin Cara.


The man who was known in Mexico as Mistico, has had a bad run in WWE debuting in 2011 as Sin Cara. Injuries, suspensions and problems in-ring has made any momentum for the character impossible in his two years with the company.

The problem is the man under the mask, not the character.

For sake of clarity, I'll refer to the original Sin Cara as Mistico. He's a good performer in Mexico, but his work hasn't translated well in the ring with the WWE roster. The styles are too different, and the language barrier was too great. Injury and suspensions also became an issue and that all comes back on the man under the mask.

In addition to what we saw on-screen, there have been continued reports from sources such as PWInsider Elite via of how Mistico has held himself to a high regard and being a bigger star than those in WWE view him. WWE doesn't care what you've accomplished elsewhere. Mistico should have felt fortunate that within the WWE rules, they gave him a big press conference and didn't make him spend months in NXT.

Photographic evidence and social media check-in location is evidence that supports Hunico played Sin Cara this past week on Raw. It was booked almost as a re-debut for the character when get got a win over recent World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.

Smart move by WWE. You need the mask to stick around because the merchandise sells so well. Put anybody under the mask. Put Steve Lombardi under the mask. Brooklyn Brawler in a Sin Cara mask attempting to do Lucha Libre moves sounds like a dare from the boys during a late night at The Friendly Tap.

Hunico can perform the “Sin Cara style” in the ring with enough satisfaction to the audience without injury or botch. The fast-paced style in the ring is a big selling point to the younger demographic as is the whole presentation of Sin Cara which resembles a super hero.

Speaking of super hero, the reality is Sin Cara could be treated like Batman or Superman. The character is present in WWE for as many years as they want and portrayed by different people. I guess similar to Doink The Clown, just more valuable.

The general size of Sin Cara is an average size which would be easy to continue to replicate in new performers as well as the in-ring style. The only down side is being shirtless and identifiers such as tattoos giving away a new performer to those paying attention.

I wouldn't mind WWE bringing Sami Zayn up from NXT, giving him a spray tan and letting him start donning the mask as Sin Cara. Maybe they just changed the outfit of Sin Cara where no skin is exposed. Zayn became famous on the independent scene with a unique, exciting style as El Generico that would translate great to Sin Cara fans.

The only thing lost in the departure of Mistico as Sin Cara is the Mexican dream match of him versus Rey Mysterio. We could still have Mysterio versus Sin Cara with record number of Lucha Libre masks in the stadium and that's what WWE wants. A way to be in a history or record book and a way to get mainstream attention.

The meeting of Mistico against Mysterio in ring is the only loss in this whole saga.

Mistico was a huge star in Mexico as is the legacy of Mysterio. Getting the two in the ring is a big deal to a portion of the wrestling audience around the world. If anyone in WWE is capable of getting the best match out of Mistico, I fully believe it is/was Mysterio.

Whether or not we ever get Mistico as Sin Cara versus Mysterio or any Sin Cara versus Mysterio remains to be seen. If it happens, it likely won't be on a WWE sanctioned show.

The most interesting part of all of this to me is I've actually read a decent number of people on social media who refuse to believe there is more than one Sin Cara. Ironic because it's probably the same bunch of people keeping track of the many guys who have played Kane, Ultimate Warrior and Sting characters over the years. Go figure.