Zahi's Notes: The Era Of Globalization... and Absurdity!

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Zahi's Notes: The Era Of Globalization... and Absurdity!

Dear Diary,

It is the long-waited globalization stamp that has every kid from Asia, the US, Europe, Africa and every region in the world tagged with a number. And yet we are all happy, living in one small village with the Internet connecting us all.

Justice or no justice, poverty or no poverty, who cares? We are all living in a small village watching football and analyzing. Who is the best footballer alive, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Or is it Kaka?

Yes, a huge percentage of Arab people might be hungry, but aren't Arabs proud of Amr Zaki's goals and Mido's wages?

The Middle East might be suffering from war and 'terror', but Middle Eastern people must be thrilled to hear that Portsmouth is going to be owned by a man from the United Arab Emirates. That should bring happiness upon the lives of all.

Suicide bombers will probably stop to think for a moment, "should I really kill myself? Maybe I should give the Abu Dhabi group a couple of years more, maybe Manchester City will win the English Premier League before I die."

It must be that some poor Russian homes, who are freezing of the extremely low temperature in Moscow, do not care about their condition. They shall be happy and good-to-go as far as their compatriot-Roman Abramovich's-Chelsea win games of football.

For football's sake, money must not be poured like it has no special value when it actually rules the world and all what the world consists of.

Such spending causes inflation in the value of players in the market as well as creating classes among clubs, something which is simply unfair in a sportsman's conscience.

For mankind's sake, those who have money must not throw their cash at the feet of footballers. Arrogance doesn't just pop up of Cristiano Ronaldo and co's heads because they are the best at kicking a ball on a field of grass.

Arrogance stems from the feeling of being paid the most for being of a better group of human beings.

It is sad to see billions being poured into the world of football while some children are exploited to work at an early age and get paid pennies for hectic labor.

Be it God or nature that created this world, it is a perfect being that tends towards goodness and no harm. Meanwhile, this village we currently dwell has no goodness, but is full of harm.

Its charm is all the money and yet this charm is spent on prizes that man has created for individual good. When shall we again look for collective good?

When shall we again, as human beings, voice our concern, that no footballer is worth $100 million and no player is deserving of a million-dollar-per-month salary? When shall we again demand that a human should hold a higher value than a game of football?

Public View: Shush ... Relax and enjoy the football.

Zahi's Notes

'The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself'

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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