WWE TLC 2013: 5 Most Shocking Moments in PPV History

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterDecember 4, 2013

WWE TLC 2013: 5 Most Shocking Moments in PPV History

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    WWE TLC 2013 is the company's latest chance to add to a growing list of unexpected, buzz-creating moments in the event's history.

    In its four years, betrayals, triumphs, ladders and chairs have been at the core of the pay-per-view's biggest surprises. John Cena, such a central figure for WWE, is not surprisingly a part of many of those.

    Will he be able to add to this list during his upcoming match with Randy Orton, or will The Shield or The Wyatt Family be the ones to make our jaws drop?

    TLC's most shocking moments are ranked here based on how significant and how surprising they were.



Honorable Mention

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    The Shield's first match thrilled. The group's upset victory at TLC 2012, along with Seth Rollins crashing through a table and Roman Reigns spearing Kane through the barricade, all added up to an excess of excitement. It's hard to pull a single moment from this battle, though.

    These were big, exciting components as a whole, but nothing specific was truly shocking.

    That same event saw Big Show earn a win over Sheamus thanks to a shot from a giant chair. As unpredictable as that moment was, it felt too comical to place among TLC's most surprising moments.

    Like The Shield vs. Ryback and Team Hell No, Sheamus and John Morrison's battle at TLC 2010 was filled with great spots. Sheamus' flight into a ladder had the crowd and the announcers roaring, but in a match that promises collisions like these, it wasn't as much shocking as it was exhilarating. 

5. John Cena Makes It Rain Chairs (2010)

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    Chair shots, even after WWE banned unprotected ones to the head, are a relatively common part of in-ring action.

    A dozen chairs plunging toward a foe's head is anything but commonplace, however. John Cena tore down a row of chairs from the TLC 2010 set to finish off Wade Barrett.

    It was unexpected, unique and highly memorable. It became the iconic image of that night's pay-per-view.

    What holds it back from climbing the rankings here, though, is that Cena clearly protects Barrett by propping a table over him. Had those chairs made direct contact, the shock factor would have been tripled.


4. Daniel Bryan Cashes in (2011)

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    After besting Mark Henry in a chairs match for the World Heavyweight Championship, Big Show found himself on his back, out cold, thanks to a post-match attack from Henry. That left the giant vulnerable to attack.

    Daniel Bryan charged toward the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase in hand. The image inspired Michael Cole to say, "Oh my God. No way." 

    Bryan had been promising to wait until WrestleMania to cash in. That and the fact that Bryan ended Big Show's reign after only a few minutes made this one of the more surprising Money in the Bank cash-ins.

    That being said, those briefcase-centered moments now happen a few times a year, forcing Bryan's victory to slide down to the fourth spot on this list.


3. AJ Lee Turns on John Cena (2012)

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    AJ Lee was enamored with John Cena. At least until she pushed him off a ladder at TLC 2012.

    AJ and Cena's romance was born out of rumors about an alleged relationship between them. After they kissed, AJ followed Cena around, wore his T-shirt and clearly became lovesick.

    Dolph Ziggler was aligned with AJ's rival Vickie Guerrero. As unstable as she was, AJ turning on Cena and joining forces with Ziggler was one of the year's most surprising moments.

    There were hints of this happening, though. Cena was clearly uncomfortable with AJ paying him so much attention. The most savvy of fans could have called this going down.

    The rest of us, though, ended the night in shock.

2. CM Punk Escapes (2011)

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    CM Punk's WWE Championship reign appeared to be over.

    Handcuffed to the corner during his match at TLC 2011, he was forced to watch The Miz and Alberto Del Rio battle for his title without him. Punk wasn't going to just accept defeat, though.

    In a situation with seemingly no escape, he unscrewed the turnbuckle and reentered the fray. A loose ring rope fell to the mat as he knocked both of his foes to the ground and reclaimed the championship.

    This was a moment that couldn't have been predicted, something that wasn't hinted at like with AJ Lee and John Cena and one that isn't an annual tradition like a Money in the Bank cash-in.

    Only Superman falling to a rookie beats it out here.

1. Sheamus Knocks off John Cena (2009)

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    Like Hulk Hogan before him, John Cena loses infrequently, no matter the situation. Just over 15 minutes into his WWE Championship match at TLC 2009, the unthinkable happened.

    Sheamus, who had only been with the company for six months, toppled the company's biggest star.

    It happened in surprising fashion, too, with Cena falling backwards onto a table. With that collision, a new champion was crowned and the crowd in San Antonio, Texas was left stunned. Even Sheamus looked surprised as his music came on.

    The upset, and the sudden way it happened, puts this moment on top of TLC's most shocking moments.