Georgia Football: 5 Things We Need to See from Hutson Mason in Dawgs' Bowl Game

Brian Jones@Brian_L_JonesContributor IDecember 4, 2013

Georgia Football: 5 Things We Need to See from Hutson Mason in Dawgs' Bowl Game

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    It’s safe to say Huston Mason had a strong showing in the game against Georgia Tech.

    He played with poise, made all of the necessary throws and most importantly, he led the Bulldogs to a win.

    So it was a successful “debut” for the junior quarterback, as he did a lot of things well. But there are some areas of his game that he does need to work on as the Bulldogs get ready to play in their bowl game in less than a month.

    The good thing about this is Mason will have plenty of time to prepare and work with the rest of the first team to be a better quarterback than what he showed against the Yellow Jackets.

    Here are five things we need to see from Mason in the Bulldogs' bowl game.


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    Mason was as accurate as he needed to be in order to win, completing 22 of his 36 passes (61 percent).

    He needs to have that same number, if not better, in the bowl game in order to win.

    But that should not be an issue for Mason because accuracy is one of his strong points. When he came in for relief against Kentucky, he completed 13 of his 19 passes (68 percent). When he got to see action against Appalachian State, he completed 11 of his 16 passes (69 percent).

    With more time to work with the first-team offense, Mason should have no issues completing 68-70 percent of his passes in the Bulldogs' final game of the season.

Pocket Presence

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    At the start of the Georgia Tech game, Mason had issues with not being comfortable in the pocket and either taking unnecessary sacks or making ill-advised throws.

    He got better at that as the game progressed, but Mason has to have good pocket presence from start to finish.

    It’s unknown who the Bulldogs will play in their bowl game, but whoever the team is knows that if getting to Mason is the key to a win, they will do whatever it takes to get him rattled, especially with this being his second game as a starter.

Spread the Ball Around

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    Another reason Mason was able to defeat Georgia Tech was the fact that he was able to spread the ball around to seven different receivers.

    Chris Conley was the main target with seven receptions, but Michael Bennett, Todd Gurley, Arthur Lynch, J.J. Green, Rantavious Wooten and Rhett McGowan all caught at least one pass from Mason.

    That is what made Aaron Murray great. He always got everyone involved, and each receiver was able to make a play from Murray.

    Mason has to continue to do that in the bowl game and for all of the 2014 season.

Be a Leader

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    With his first win under his belt, the expectations are only going to get bigger and bigger each time Mason is on the field.

    So in order to meet those expectations, he has to be the leader for the Bulldogs.

    He showed his leadership skills in the Tech game, being down 20-0 late in the first quarter and making the plays he needed to in order for the Bulldogs to win.

    There is going to be a time in the bowl game when things are not going to go Georgia’s way. But Mason has to be the guy who stays on an even keel and doesn't get too emotional when things go south, just like he did last Saturday.

Just Win

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    This most important thing fans need (and the most obvious) is to see Mason win his second start.

    Defeating Georgia Tech is huge for Mason moving forward. But if he is able to beat the bowl opponent with a month to prepare with the first-team offense, there will be no question that Mason is the next man in line for the quarterback job.

    With the weapons he has on offense, Mason has an opportunity to do some big things in 2014. If he gets a win in the final game of the season, fans will know he is something special.