Auburn Got Chris Davis TD Football Back; Value Could Reach as High as $100K

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Auburn Got Chris Davis TD Football Back; Value Could Reach as High as $100K
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It's a nice football, with a Nike logo, but there is no way you would pay close to six figures for it, until Chris Davis got his hands on the ball. 

It seems the recent rash of good fortune continues for the Tigers, because the ball caught by Chris Davis and carried over 109 yards as Auburn faithful screamed was never allowed to slip through the school's hands. 

Bloomberg's Scott Soshnick reports the ball used for the game-winning touchdown in Saturday's Iron Bowl classic is with school officials, and that's not all. It seems that particular ball may fetch in the upwards of $100,000 if the rest of the year is as fruitful for Auburn. 

With that, we can safely say everything's coming up Auburn. 

Equipment manager Dana Marquez spoke with Soshnick and assured the ball was recovered after the bedlam that ensued following Davis' touchdown. 

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As the report states, following his epic run, Davis merely dropped the ball and crumbled into celebration that instantly swallowed the field. 

You would assume that the ball went with it, perhaps with a fan who lucked out and happened upon the football. 

Instead, a quick-thinking ball boy secured the item and it may prove a valuable decision to the university. Soshnick spoke with Steiner Sports Marketing founder Brandon Steiner about the value of the ball. 

The expert seems to think that, if Auburn were to eventually win the national title, the ball could reach the extraordinary value of $100,000. 

To remind, here is a sports moment that never gets old, unless you find yourself in the crimson camp of Alabama sports loyalties. 

When fortunes change so dramatically, items like the ball used to score skyrocket in value. Still, it's amazing to think that, per the report, the ball is already worth a cool $50,000. 

That's well ahead of No. 3 Auburn ever stepping foot on the field against No. 5 Missouri in the SEC Championship game. 

If the Tigers can get through their next hurdle, they would still need some luck in the form of either Ohio State or Florida State faltering in their final games. 

For the moment, Auburn fans have a secondary rooting interest: seeing that ball reach its $100,000 peak value. 

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