You Can Have Your Own Backyard Stadium for $30 Million

Kenny DorsetDirector of Social MediaDecember 3, 2013

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Do you have $30 million to spend and are looking for the perfect gift for a sports fan? Look no further than this personalized multi-sport backyard stadium. 

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Sheila Gibson Stoodley of the Robb Report has the details on this sports fan's dream made by Populous: 

"Ryan Sickman, an engineer and associate principal at Populous, envisions a 40- to 50-yard playing field surrounded by LED screens that stand from 12 to 20 feet tall so that "you feel enclosed in the environment," he says. Together the screens will project a backdrop that depicts almost any legendary sports venue, filled with digitally conjured fans. Want to play Wiffle ball at a sold-out Fenway Park, two-hand touch football at Lambeau Field, or soccer at Wembley Stadium? It will be virtually possible."

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