Raw Review 12/03/13: Title Unification, CM Punk's Contract and More

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistDecember 3, 2013

Amid well-deserved suspicion, WWE made sure to hammer home the message that there would be one undisputed champion by the end of TLC. Stephanie McMahon went so far as to guarantee the crowning of a single champion. Unfortunately, there could be more smoke and mirrors as WWE attempts to pull off a finish for a match that is bigger than its pay-per-view.

The Miz’s character is a mess. Miz has literally turned face and heel in the same segment, let alone weeks. With Miz once again pulling the wool over Kofi Kingston’s eyes, not only does he look inconsistent, but Kofi looks gullible. The two negatives may have added up to create two severely damaged careers.

CM Punk was not at his best on Raw with a pair of lackluster promos. Punk’s chances of going over the Shield at TLC are slim to none, and one must wonder if lingering talks of his contract status will translate to a midcard losing streak.

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