DeMarcus Cousins Takes Swipe at Derrick Rose When Joking About Ankle Injury

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistDecember 4, 2013

USA Today

Too soon, Boogie. Too soon.

DeMarcus Cousins sat out of the Sacramento Kings' loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday with a sprained right ankle he suffered against the Golden State Warriors on Sunday. But don't worry; he was all giggles about his status for Friday against the Los Angeles Lakers, according to News10's Sean Cunningham:

Derrick Rose must have felt that burn from Chicago. 

The Chicago Bulls recently announced that their point guard underwent successful surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee and would miss the remainder of the 2013-14 season. This comes after Rose missed all of 2012-13 rehabbing a torn ACL in his left knee.

Adidas spent most of last year promoting Rose's "The Return" campaign, but it was all for naught. Even after being cleared, Rose took extra precautions by sitting out the entire year.

In a bizarre move, Cousins seized the opportunity to mock Rose's recovery process. Well, sort of. Cousins hit Twitter to defend himself afterward:

Part of me can see the humor in his parody if he was, in fact, taking shots at D-Rose.

We were sold on Rose's return all of last season, to the point where we never truly believed he wouldn't play. When the playoffs started, we were still waiting for him to suit up and rescue the depleted Bulls.

Didn't matter that Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports told us otherwise; he was going to play. How could he not? The Bulls needed him, and he had this entire commercial, this entire movement dedicated to his arrival. In some ways, the return that never came was all a big joke. A prolonged hoax.

I am mostly confused by Cousins' choice of words, though. 

If Rose were healthy and still playing, then perhaps the hilarity of his comparison resonates with us. But the point guard's injury woes are still fresh. He wasn't himself upon his actual return and now, he's out again.

Someone ought to instruct Cousins to choose his words more carefully. Offending an entire fanbase, and then some, in one swift quip isn't good for business.

Then again, we could all just accept this for what it is and move on: Cousins' unconventional way of revealing that his injury isn't serious. He's not opposed to marketing sprained ankles.

Furthermore, he's just as excited about Kobe Bryant's potential Friday return as the rest of us.